ServiceNow Tokyo Release: What’s in it for you? (Developer Benefits)

Enhancing developer productivity is crucial for organizations to keep innovations running and alive within the business. Enterprises should prioritize updating and improving developer tools every now and then to keep them relevant and get desired outcomes.In our previous post, we talked about the new and updated ServiceNow solutions in the Tokyo release that benefit business […]

ServiceNow Tokyo Release: What’s in it for you? (Business Benefits)

ServiceNow releases are announced two times every year. And it’s that time of the year again! ServiceNow recently launched its latest version, called ServiceNow Tokyo Release. In this release, like in every release, ServiceNow has put emphasis on enhancing developer productivity and rolled out a few upgrades/new solutions that can benefit front-end business operations. Environmental, […]

ServiceNow Domain Separation vs. Separate Instance: Which is Best For Your Business?

Do you have multiple entities or units within your enterprise and want to enforce data separation between them? Do you want to have a centralized reporting system for multiple customers in a single instance of a software/application? If yes, then you need to know more about Multi-tenant architecture (Read: Domain Separation). A multi-tenant architecture is […]