The KANINI Journey: Adding Value with Intellect, Energy, and Integrity

KANINI’s story isn’t one of a tech founder who always knew which direction life was going to take him. But it is one of determination and absolute resilience to keep moving forward despite the challenges thrown at him. It’s the story of someone who could have taken the road well-worn under many circumstances but instead […]

Building Cloud-Native Applications: Why & How?

  Traditionally, software development was based on sequential methodologies like the Waterfall & V-model that used to take years to develop software with only a few sporadic update rollouts. The development heavily relied upon on-premises infrastructure and manual tasks. Enterprise application development took a huge leap with the advent of Cloud technologies, and modern software […]

Modernize your Business-critical Applications – Why & How?

We live in a world that is constantly disrupted by technology so much that it is now the rule rather than an exception. And businesses or organizations need to be agile enough to adapt at draconian speeds to the changing customer needs to gain momentum and a competitive edge. While agility has become a business […]

Inclusivity and Diversity in UX Design

One Size does not fit all The loan and automation industry is on the precipice of disruption. Particularly after the advent of the pandemic, loan companies are forced to adopt solutions that allow them to disburse loans to customers faster and frictionless loan experience and also are vested with the responsibility of making sure that […]

3 Predictions for Healthcare Digital Transformation in the Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been a game changer for most businesses, across industries. Among the numerous things that emerged as a consequence, was the creation of a cascading effect in the implementation of digital transformation in healthcare. While healthcare technology was already being nudged towards increased innovation and advancements in virtual medicine, the pandemic […]

Best Practices for Successful Implementation of Telehealth

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused explosive growth in the adoption of Telehealth technology across the world. Telehealth claim lines increased nearly 3,000% between September 2019 and September 2020, as medical practices and hospitals in COVID-19 hotspots were forced to shut clinic doors and address care continuity through remote operations. The demand for Telehealth is expected […]

Best Practices for implementing Telehealth for Healthcare Providers

Currently, telemedicine has been gaining a lot of significance due to the safety it provides to the patients as well as healthcare practitioners from the spread of COVID-19. Thus, in the year 2020, the consumer adoption of telehealth services increased from 11% to 49%. Studies have suggested that the field of telemedicine would increase significantly […]

The importance of agility for Utilities

At the moment, adopting an agile framework is a must for organizations that want to respond rapidly to internal and external changes (technologies, government regulations, reorganizations) without losing momentum. According to a McKinsey report, going agile involves striking a balance between speed and stability. Companies that have been able to achieve this balance show strong […]

Understanding HIPAA Compliance and some lessons learned from Covid-19

It is well known that every organization involved in the transmission and management of Protected Health Information is subject to HIPAA’s rules. The outstretched regulatory arm of HIPAA governs all organizations in the healthcare chain irrespective of their size. Covered entities protect themselves when they have a rigid policy to follow risk assessment rules. PHI […]

Why you should deploy your web apps in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure has been clearly a market leader in providing PaaS, SaaS and IaaS capabilities over the past few years. Its ability to consistently secure cloud infrastructure for on-premises, hybrid or edge cloud services has made Azure one of the top choices of organizations. In this article, you will explore the applications of Microsoft Azure […]