Making Every Interview a Memorable Interaction

As a talent acquisition specialist, I believe in true appreciation and respect for every candidate who gives us their precious time during an interaction. The interview experience is indeed very important. An interview must be perceived as a conversation between two parties to determine whether the applicant is a good match for the position. There’s no need for any dominance or submission.
It’s not uncommon how there’s a sense of having some kind of a superpower when the person is in an authoritative position like a teacher, a police officer, a supervisor at work, or even an interviewer. Authority, in my opinion, has a fire-like quality. You receive light from it, but you may also get burned if you are not careful. True leaders always use their powers wisely, influencing people positively.
Very often, there are some preconceived notions about an interviewer, such as –
  • The interviewer is always correct.
  • It is improper to question an interviewer.
  • Any guidelines established for interviewees do not apply to the interviewer.
  • The interviewer is to be treated as some kind of a demigod, with superpowers.
I am all for dispelling such stereotypes! I always try to change this perspective by making the candidates feel confident and at ease during their interactions by providing a secure, favorable, and comfortable setting for them to open up.
Keeping the candidate well-informed throughout the interview process and sharing feedback about their interview and the outcome on time I believe plays a crucial role in ensuring an overall positive experience.
In the process, discrimination is one thing that must be avoided at all costs. Only questions that are relevant to the position that one is applying for should be asked by the interviewer. The selection process at no time should be influenced by the candidate’s race, age, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background.
With these thoughts in mind, we treat the candidates who approach us with respect and act responsibly. They resemble rain, don’t they? We feel a sense of excitement anticipating their arrival. We rejoice. We soak in what they have to offer, learning from each other. We have fun.
At the end of the day, every relationship is mutual, and this applies to the interviewer-interviewee relationship too. We are all positively dependent on one another.
As a KANINIan, upholding KANINI’s core values, I believe that every applicant is fantastic and deserves a great interview experience.

Narendhar Venkatesan is a Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist at KANINI with 5+ years of experience in hiring talent. He has a good understanding of recruitment marketing and leverages his knowledge and expertise to create effective recruiting strategies to bring the best talent on board.
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