How do you prepare for Intelligent Automation

What started with Robotic Desktop Automation to assist BPOs increase Agent performance especially in processes like Order Processing has since started leveraging OCR, AI and Analytics, BPM, Hybrid Cloud, Cognitive Vision and Elastic DBPM to offer intelligent automation to clients in multiple functions of different industries.

The advancement in AI/ML capabilities has led to increased use cases of intelligent automation. Providers who are able to offer zero-touch Intelligent Automation are disrupting the back-office shared service centers of Enterprises. This is also disrupting the offshoring concept as Automation now allows Enterprises to significantly reduce the cost and keep the more complex interactions at home with reduced staff. Intelligent Automation has been one of the fastest embraced digital 2.0 technologies by organizations as part of their digital transformation roadmaps.

Some of the AI technologies that have been embraced by Intelligent Automation include

If you are planning for Intelligent Automation journeys, you should consider the following

1.Understand the problems you are trying to solve

Do not embrace any technology for the sake of trying it out. Linking it to a use case where you get better benefits, will help you convince all stakeholders of the effectiveness of Intelligent Automation.

2.Get prepared with Data

Most of the technologies and data sciences only solve problems when you are measuring them and have some data around it. Artificial Intelligence needs data as fodder and a good roadmap will ensure the chosen use case for Intelligent Automation has data around it

3.Ensure you have the right resources

More often than not, organization leaders start on a transformation journey without the right team to ensure integration and success of these initiatives. Technology and Solution Partners can help fill the void and assist in training and onboarding your team members for your Digital initiative

4.Program Governance

A good engagement can reach its potential with the right leadership and governance. Doing one off project can definitely help but having the right governance team to identify projects, monitor them, understand the challenges and aid the acceleration needed for completion will help establish the culture needed for Digital 2.0 transformations

Kanini is a Digital 2.0 enabler that can help organizations embrace digital transformation in it’s true sense. We can provide zero touch automation for processes like Order Processing, Invoice Processing, Reports to Reconciliation, Provider Data Management, Claims Management etc


Srini Karunakaran

Srinivasan is a tech-savvy IT services delivery specialist with close to 25 years of demonstrated industry experience. Srinivasan is a strong operations person with extensive experience in Global IT Software development Services delivery, Business Relationship Management, and Operations Management. Srinivasan is highly skilled in strategic planning and has successfully implemented innovative engagement models that drive cost-effective IT services delivery.