ServiceNow’s Gen AI Solutions: Unlock Next-level Business Efficiency with Advanced Applications

Deloitte surveyed 2800 AI-savvy business and technology leaders, of whom 79% expected generative AI to have a significant impact on their organizations. This indicates the transformative role of generative AI in reshaping business landscapes and bringing new ways of working.
ServiceNow, a leader in workflow automation, is at the forefront of this transformation, integrating generative AI into its platform to empower businesses across various industries. ServiceNow’s IT Workflows, Customer Workflows, Employee Workflows, and Creator Workflows are now powered with generative AI capabilities to help organizations increase operational efficiency and achieve better business outcomes.

The use of domain-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) sets ServiceNow’s generative AI capabilities apart from the rest of the workflow automation solutions. These specialized models understand industry-specific terminology and context better, resulting in more accurate and relevant outputs for tasks like customer support, IT incident resolution, or HR case management. They allow enterprises, falling under different industries, to exploit the advantages of generative AI solutions without having to perform complex integrations or configurations.

In this blog post, we will discuss how ServiceNow’s gen AI solutions can help organizations across industries and a couple of real-world use cases.

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Boost Enterprise Productivity with ServiceNow’s Gen AI Solutions

Using ServiceNow’s gen AI solutions, enterprises can increase productivity, achieve cost savings, and enhance user experiences. While ServiceNow plans to bring more advanced gen AI solutions in the future, here are some of the existing ones that can help organizations revolutionize their business operations:

ServiceNow Gen AI
ServiceNow Gen AI
1. Now Assist in Virtual Agent
Unlike the existing ServiceNow Virtual Agent, which uses keywords or Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to determine a user’s objective, Now Assist in Virtual Agent leverages a large language model to interpret the user’s intent.
Now Assist allows users to communicate their issues or ask for catalog items in their regular conversational language and instantly provides straightforward, personalized answers to user queries. Additionally, it offers an option–Show More Results–to allow the users to conduct new searches or ask different questions. This improves self-service effectiveness and user satisfaction.
2. Now Assist for IT Service Management (ITSM)
The Now Assist for ServiceNow ITSM streamlines the resolution of IT service issues and drives IT service delivery excellence. It eliminates the need for users to reiterate their issues when they get redirected to a service agent after their interaction with a virtual agent. By summarizing the incidents on the ServiceNow platform or users’ interactions with the virtual agent, Now Assist for ITSM empowers agents to quickly resolve issues. Once resolved, it automatically generates resolution notes within half the time of what it takes without Now Assist, streamlining the management of similar incidents in the future.
3. Now Assist for Customer Service Management (CSM)
Now Assist for CSM lets agents generate concise summaries of customer service cases or customers’ virtual agent interactions on the portal, which include essential information such as issue descriptions, work notes, and additional comments. Agents can access these functionalities through the Now Assist Panel in the CSM Configurable Workplace to solve customer issues. The quick resolution of issues increases customer satisfaction and boosts agent productivity.
4. Now Assist for HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

The next on the list of ServiceNow’s gen AI solutions is Now Assist for HRSD. From payroll issues to employee conflicts, Now Assist for HRSD enables the HR team to solve workplace issues efficiently by automatically providing instant summaries of virtual agent interactions and employee cases. The HR team can also leverage resolution notes from similar cases created by Now Assist for HRSD in the past to make certain decisions and accelerate the resolution process.

5. Now Assist for Creator
Now Assist for Creator offers application developers a seamless coding experience and accelerates development projects on the Now Platform. Developers of all skill levels can describe what they need in their natural language, and the Now Assist feature generates code suggestions and provides recommendations for workflow creation. This eliminates the need to rewrite common application code and causes fewer syntax errors, reducing the application development time by 30% and increasing developer productivity.
6. Now Assist for Field Service Management
Field technicians can now spend less time on the application in understanding their tasks as the Now Assist for Field Service Management allows them to quickly summarize the work orders. They can access these summaries on their ServiceNow mobile application while traveling from one place to another and address the issues.

7. Now Assist for IT Operations Management

Another module that comes with gen AI technology is ServiceNow ITOM. The Now Assist for ITOM generates human-readable summaries of alerts in ServiceNow Event Management, an application that is part of the ITOM module. By accessing these summaries on the Service Operations Workspace for ITOM, the remediation team can resolve IT issues efficiently, streamlining alert management and reducing the resolution time.

8. Now Assist in AI Search
Now Assist in AI Search provides prompt and actionable responses to users’ search queries on the Now platform. It leverages Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) architecture to gather accurate answers from knowledge articles across the Service Portal, Global Search, Virtual Agent, and Employee Center and present them to the users. Organizations automatically get access to Now Assist in AI Search when they install Now Assist for CSM, HRSD, or ITSM.
9. Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)
Now Assist for SPM creates a concise summary of customer feedback, enabling product managers to quickly understand customer opinions and create demand requests efficiently. It automatically populates relevant fields in the demand form, simplifying the request creation process further. In addition, the Now Assist Admin Console in the Strategic Planning Workspace helps administrators streamline the management of the Now Assist features.

ServiceNow Generative AI Controller for More Efficient Work Experiences

ServiceNow Generative AI Controller is a configurable solution that allows users to seamlessly integrate gen AI solutions into their ServiceNow platform. This allows organizations to tailor these gen AI capabilities to their unique workflows and processes, maximizing the value in terms of optimized workflows and improved productivity.

ServiceNow Generative AI Controller enables enterprises to connect their ServiceNow instances to third-party LLMs such as OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Aleph Alpha, and Google Cloud, enabling more efficient platform performance. Its extensible architecture allows the integration of additional LLM service providers down the line. Various capabilities such as summarization, sentiment analysis, code generation, and other custom solutions can be developed using the ServiceNow Generative AI controller.

How Can Organizations Get Access to ServiceNow’s Gen AI Solutions?

To get access to Now Assist for ITSM, CSM, or HRSD solutions, organizations must get Professional Plus or Enterprise Plus add-ons. Likewise, the Creator Plus license is required to get access to the Now Assist for Creator solution. To get more information on how to implement ServiceNow’s gen AI solutions, get in touch with a ServiceNow account executive or a ServiceNow Partner like KANINI.

Make Generative AI Work Effectively with a ServiceNow Partner

While ServiceNow plans to continue making significant investments in the gen AI space, the Now Assist solutions reflect its commitment to helping enterprises rise above their challenges and stay relevant in the marketplace. It aims to democratize gen AI and make work seamless for all stakeholders in an organization, from service agents to customers to developers, thereby transforming business operations. Enterprises looking to take advantage of ServiceNow’s gen AI solutions must have an expert team in place or collaborate with a ServiceNow partner to ensure smooth technology adoption.

KANINI is a ServiceNow Premier Partner, and we strive to help our clients embrace new technologies seamlessly. We have proven expertise in implementing generative AI solutions for enterprises across the Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries. Through the smooth implementation of ServiceNow’s generative AI solutions, we enable enterprises to carry out business with improved operational efficiencies. Click here to learn more about our ServiceNow and Generative AI capabilities.

Joshua Smith

Joshua is the ServiceNow Practice Director at KANINI. He is a process improvement thought leader and digital transformation expert. Over the past 15 years, Josh’s focus has always been on achieving organizational maturity and enhancing business processes through implementing tools and workflows to drive transformation initiatives. With experience in multiple verticals from – manufacturing to healthcare, Joshua brings a practitioner’s perspective when working on business solutions and goals to allow him to advise and guide on industry and process best practices.

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