Highlights of ServiceNow’s Rome Version Release – Enhancements to VAM, CSM, FSM, and GRC

Just like ServiceNow’s previous release – Quebec, the latest Rome release also comes up with a lot of fabulous new features and enhancements to its Now platform and solutions. But have you identified which ones are noteworthy and useful to you? In part 1 of this two-series blog post, we have highlighted the improvements made to the Now Platform, which enable enterprises across the board to utilize it efficiently. In addition, ServiceNow also improved its solutions that entitle streamlined and effective service delivery. This blog post (part 2) on ServiceNow’s Rome edition will cover four such application enhancements:

Vaccine Administration Management (VAM)

The COVID-19 pandemic posed both challenges and opportunities to healthcare providers. ServiceNow’s Vaccine Administration Management (VAM) solution has helped them manage scheduling, inventory, and reporting of COVID vaccinations while ensuring a secure, consistent, and up-to-date flow of data. In its pursuit to continue to deliver improved healthcare to the consumers and enable providers with efficient VAM, ServiceNow made enhancements to the module in its Rome release such as:
  • Inventory-based scheduling allows users to book appointments based on the availability in the vaccination center for a particular day.
  • Multi-vaccine appointment booking enables users to select the vaccine considering their age.
  • Manage user appointments as Clinicians or Customer Service Agents. They can create user fields, book appointments, reschedule or cancel appointments.
  • Mass booking vaccine appointments facilitate users to schedule appointments for multiple users.
  • Advanced appointment schedule for a center allows healthcare providers to:
  • Schedule different slots like Userekly, daily, or alternative days for different locations.
  • Cancel the appointment bookings at a location for a specific period.
  • Book the second dose via VAM even if the first dose is taken outside of the VAM application.
  • Customer Service Management (CSM)

    The ServiceNow Customer Service Management application (CSM) helps organizations to enable collaboration between customer service departments and service operations to proactively understand and resolve customer problems. The CSM application was improved and updated in the Rome release. Two important updates are:
  • Support for multi-level business models: It enables new business models to denote the relationships between organizations and users such as B2B2B or B2B2C. The B2B2C model allows partners and contact administrators to generate cases on behalf of end consumers within or outside their organizations.
  • Configuring Next Best ActionThe author can specify a set of rules like a case, account, interaction, etc., and configure them to display the next best actions such as decision trees and guidance based on the record the agent is working on in the workspace.
  • If an agent is working on a specific record that matches the rules defined by the next best action author, they can choose the next best action comfortably from the contextual side panel in Agent Workspace. It helps agents to solve cases quickly and effectively.
  • Field Service Management (FSM)

    The ServiceNow’s Field Service Management (FSM) application enables enterprises to manage location-based work effectively and safely. ServiceNow’s Rome release brings enhanced and updated features for FSM as mentioned below:

  • Field Service Crew Operations: If a team of technicians is required to finish a job, this feature makes it easy for organizations to assign fixed or ad hoc teams to different tasks and manage them. Users have two types of crews:
  • Planned Crews – The user can set up the crew to work together on multiple tasks for a specified duration.
  • Ad-hoc Crew – User can set up the crew based on need basis to support the specific task.
  • This feature enables enterprises to efficiently plan and execute work for complex tasks. The crew members can work together (as a team) on the assigned tasks for a stipulated time – maybe for hours, weeks, or months. The crew leader tracks the work contributions by the members and manages the crew.

  • Field Service with Service Locations: Users can create and verify ad-hoc locations to support work orders using Service Locations.
  • Intelligent Task Recommendations:  Use this feature to identify the most relevant tasks to fill gaps in an agent’s schedule.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    ServiceNow has extensively extended the features of the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution in the Rome release. The top 4 new few features include:
    • New UI and role-based workspaces: Rome release has brought an entirely new UI and workspace experience for all the modules of integrated risk management (IRM). The new 360-degree-view workspaces provide visibility into complex and interconnected GRC data. Users can perform day-to-day activities efficiently with issues, tasks, and quick links all in one workspace.
    • Risk Management Portal: The new risk management portal enables seamless data exchange between the first and second line of defense in the risk management organization.  With this single simplified portal, users can register risk events and monitor open risk issues.
    • Privacy Management: The new Privacy Application helps enterprises manage risk and compliance in real-time. The improved data discovery capabilities identify where the sensitive data is stored. Privacy management feature can be seamlessly integrated with the core IRM capabilities. It drives smart automation and facilitates auto-assignment, and continuous risk and control monitoring across the organization.
    • Business Continuity Management: This feature helps enterprises plan and execute a business continuity management program to recover from business disruptions. The crisis map of this feature allows users to track disaster events around the world. It sends communications before, during, and after crises through the crisis management integration with Everbridge.

    What we’ve discussed above is just a fraction of the entire list of features available and enhancements made to different ServiceNow solutions in the Rome release. KANINI is a premier partner of ServiceNow and provides ServiceNow consulting and implementation services across CSM, FSM, GRC, VAM, etc., helping enterprises achieve operational excellence. If you are interested to know more about what’s new in the Rome release for each of the ServiceNow modules, and how they can be helpful to your business growth, register for our Webinar on the Rome Release or reach us at transformations@kanini.com.


    Ravi Rajamani

    Ravi works as a ServiceNow Consultant and Practice lead at KANINI. He brings close to 15 years of experience in the IT industry and has strong program & project management skills spanning ServiceNow, Resource Management, Solution Design, and Service Delivery. He has a proven track record of helping enterprise customers leverage ServiceNow platform efficiently.

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