Roadmap to Transforming Healthcare Customer Service with ServiceNow

The healthcare industry has undergone many technological changes and has evolved with time. Even so, healthcare providers are massively focused on their practice, which involves treating as many people as possible. Undoubtedly, this is their number one priority. However, this priority often becomes a reason to overlook other sides of the practice such as patient experience, in other words customer service.

With their focus drifting away from customer service, healthcare organizations often drive away more patients than they actually welcome, which is mainly why most healthcare organizations aren’t spoken fondly of by people. This problem can be alleviated through customer service management (CSM) solutions like ServiceNow CSM.

Let’s explore how healthcare customer service management can actually be revamped.

Challenges Faced by All Healthcare Providers in Patient care/Customer Service

The healthcare industry is increasingly driven by patients who are acting more like consumers and customers as they seek the best care at the most affordable price. Let’s take a look at some of the common pain points of healthcare providers when it comes to their patients, or customers in this context.

Managing Appointments

There are hundreds  of patients lined up to see a handful of doctors, which can make scheduling appointments a major challenge. Also, having to wait for their appointment can be very stressful, especially if their condition doesn’t give them the liberty to do so. If they have to modify or cancel their appointment for some reason, they will have to get on the phone and spend a lot of time before they can be attended to.


Staff Altercations

It’s quite common for patients to have disagreements or arguments with front office, nurses, physicians, or other staff members. Sometimes, even staff members can be too stressed from their work that might seem a little less welcoming to certain patients, which causes the patients to develop a very strong opinion about the entire institution.

Unattended Patients

Another major reason for patient dissatisfaction is their feelings of being unheard, especially when they have to wait for a long time to receive medical attention. Patients also sometimes feel that the doctor or nurses aren’t understanding the severity of their symptoms, or they aren’t being given the best possible solutions.

Quick Appointments

Quick appointments refer to patients not getting enough time with the physicians that they need to fully understand their condition or to receive assurance that everything will be alright for them. This happens because hospitals have hundreds of patients lined up, which is why they try to accommodate as many appointments in a short amount of time as possible.

Why CSM Transformation is Inevitable?

It is true that patients come to healthcare providers to receive medical care and treatment for their conditions, but more than that, they need personal and focused attention, as well as a feeling that their health matters the most. To do this successfully, healthcare providers have to be more compassionate and understanding toward their patients – at scale!


By being more mindful of their patients, healthcare professionals can ensure patient satisfaction, and this is one of the major reasons why good customer service management is strongly tied in with the healthcare industry.

Deloitte study on consumer health trends shows that even though more and more people are using technology to monitor their health and want to share the data with their practitioner, the relationship between the patient and healthcare provider remains paramount.

Therefore, the onus is on healthcare providers to be more understanding and accommodating toward their patients, so that along with receiving the best medical care, they also feel valued and respected.

Why ServiceNow for CSM Transformation?

Since patients are yearning for a better customer service experience, the key to the problem lies in effective customer service automation, which can be brought about by a workflow-based platform like ServiceNow. ServiceNow CSM integrates all the departments, processes, and systems of a healthcare platform in one place. Not only does it enable more efficient healthcare service management, but it also radically elevates the way patients are attended to in any hospital or clinic. By design, ServiceNow CSM has a direct impact on,
  • Seamless customer service automation
  • Greater patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Lower operational costs
  • The ability to deal with more patients
  • Higher chances for repeat appointments
  • Key Takeaway

    There is no denying that the onus of Patient experience is with the healthcare provider, and ServiceNow customer service management is becoming the most efficient approach to solving that problem. With a trusted transformation partner like Kanini, with specialty in healthcare, you can also embrace transformation of your field service management.

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    Joshua Smith

    Joshua is a process improvement thought leader and digital transformation expert at KANINI. Over the past 15 years, his focus has always been on achieving organizational maturity and enhancing business processes through implementing tools and workflows to drive transformation initiatives. With experience in multiple verticals from – manufacturing to healthcare, Joshua brings a practitioner’s perspective when working on business solutions and goals to allow him to advise and guide on industry and process best practices.

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