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The global COVID-19 pandemic has certainly challenged all of us personally, but we are now also facing a tremendous uphill challenge of effectively and efficiently distributing vaccines far and wide. As a whole, we are confronted with one of our lifetimes’ biggest challenges, stopping the spread of COVID-19 presents a global problem that demands a global response. When considering vaccine distribution, we face the workflow challenge of our lifetime—delivering billions of vaccines around the world.
Distributing the COVID-19 vaccine presents complex challenges. Time, speed, and safety are of the essence. Vaccination distribution is a data-driven customer experience process problem. One major problem demonstrated in the vaccine rollout is solving the last-mile logistical nightmare in administering inoculations. If you have tried to get vaccinated, were you met with a simple, straightforward experience, or like many others, a series of digital crashes, ineffective systems, or ones where scheduling was nearly impossible, if not entirely?

Vaccine management challenges

The greatest workflow challenge of our lifetime!
  • Coordinating vaccine scheduling for a large patient population
  • Spacing appointments to assist with social distancing
  • Providing scalable assistance for patients with questions
  • Enabling eligible people to receive both doses of the vaccine with second dose reminders

Ensure high team spirit and morale

Technology, including vaccine-tracking systems (such as CDC’s VTrckS) and immunization information systems (IIS), are essential for allocating, distributing, recording, and monitoring vaccines’ deployment.
For many, ineffective technology has hampered COVID-19 vaccination rollouts, leaving people unable to sign up or find out when and where they can get their shots. It doesn’t have to be that way! The technology and expertise to schedule people and order them by priority levels are widely available

NHS Scotland Selects ServiceNow to Help Vaccinate 5.5 Million Citizens in Just 90 Days

Scotland’s response to COVID 19 has been supported by ServiceNow’s platform at every stage of the pandemic.

Developed in partnership with ServiceNow, NHS Scotland’s vaccine management system represents a seismic shift in our response.

– Dercy Mitchelson, Director of Digital and CISO, NHS Scotland

ServiceNow will continue to introduce new solutions to support organizations’ vaccination efforts. More information can be found here.
The ServiceNow® Vaccine Administration Management application provides a workflow for users, healthcare providers, and clinicians to manage vaccinations from start to finish.

Making it easy for everyone

ServiceNow makes it easy to manage and control the end-to-end vaccine administration process to deliver seamless and secure interactions for your patients, providers, and communities. Time is essential, and building an effective strategy that involves people and technology to get vaccines to the right people is crucial. End-to-end technology infrastructure and the Service Now platform will support each vaccine stakeholder to provide a seamless experience with safety and security at the core.

Vaccine Recipients

Vaccine recipients can visit a self-service portal to gather information, use the knowledge base or Virtual Agent to address common questions, and self-schedule their appointment after responding to an eligibility questionnaire. ServiceNow® Vaccine Administration Management accelerates the immunization process by delivering out-of-box capabilities to manage the entire vaccination workflow. Users can learn more about vaccines and schedule their own vaccinations through a self-service portal to access mobile devices or web browsers.


Clinicians can use QR codes to perform vaccination tasks efficiently and administer the vaccination.

Service Now makes it simple for clinicians to scan, create, read, and update vaccination requests, vaccination tasks, and vaccination questionnaires. They can verify a user’s eligibility before administering and recording the vaccination. They can even consume inventory after the vaccine is administered, leaving a digital trail to account for every last drop of the vaccine.

Clinical Administration

Requests for vaccinations initiate vaccination tasks so that provider administrators can track the vaccination process from the start to completion. If and when scheduling issues or problems arise, clinical staff can cancel appointments. If the user doesn’t show up to their scheduled appointment, the team can mark the appointment as a no-show and contact and inoculate the next in line.

A Solution is Here… Are you ready for it?

ServiceNow is the platform that can help orchestrate all the critical elements of vaccine management while supporting the need to leverage existing infrastructure—assisting supplies to people and critical information arrives at the right place, at the right moment. To learn more about how we can help with your organization’s vaccine management, visit our solution page.
Vaccine Administration Management, which is available in the ServiceNow Store, includes:

A Trusted Service Now Partner

Visit our partnership page to learn about our ServiceNow expertise.


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