How to Leverage the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response Application

Organizations require constant re-thinking and innovation that matches their customer demand but also scales without roadblocks. Implementing new solutions and technologies is often accompanied by problems and vulnerabilities with your IT infrastructure security. For instance, the new cloud migration you did could be exposing you to outside threats. If we fail to assess the security […]

The Economic Impact of Implementing ServiceNow Security Operations

Learnings from the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study With the ever-growing complexity and volume of cyberattacks, it’s no secret that companies benefit tremendously when they are able to streamline their cybersecurity efforts. In order to gauge the true return on investment that companies can extrapolate upon deploying the ServiceNow Security Operations module, ServiceNow commissioned a […]

Getting started with ServiceNow for your organization

It’s no secret that digital transformation has become a necessity for businesses to gain a competitive edge. No company is able to avoid the undeniable push towards digital transformation. With increasing customer expectations, the ability to get processes done faster and more efficiently has never been more important. ServiceNow offers a modern approach to transforming […]

How to consider a ServiceNow partner

Are you looking to implement ServiceNow for the first time? Or are you looking to add modules, or upgrade to a latest version? Whether you are implementing Information Technology Business Management (ITBM) or just adding on to your existing suite with IT Asset Management (ITAM) applications, there are still plenty of unknown challenges there are to face. You will […]

Democratizing Code Security for Everyone with ServiceNow

Agile and DevOps continue to set the standard for continuous improvement in development and technology delivery. They are very likely the number one enablers of an organization like your digital ambitions. Business needs are always changing. Organizations still need to focus on agile delivery methods, continuous quality, security, risk and compliance, reliability and resilience, and […]

Best Practices for ServiceNow Customization

ServiceNow is a powerful cloud platform with a range of modules from ITSM, ITAM, SAM, ITOM, to GRC. Whichever modules your organization uses, there are certain universal values that ServiceNow brings to the table like completely streamlining workflows, bridging interdepartmental divides, and brings great visibility, and control to facilitate greater collaboration. However, to get maximum value for your organization, […]

Nine Things to Consider When implementing ServiceNow for ITSM

ServiceNow ‘s greatest appeal is that it is extremely extensible and can be built with the aid of different integrations into anything the company wants. Besides, a good support catalog comes in. There is no question that affiliations which are by and large proposing license restorations and equipment overhauls for their stagnant ITSM systems are […]