Welcome to the happier way to work


At KANINI, we are building a more human tech.

Our operating principle is that technology is for people, not the other way around. That means we put our people’s needs first.


  • We prioritise each individual’s personal goals.
  • We value relationships more than profits.
  • We treat our clients as partners.

Our people come to work because it makes them happy.

They smile more often. They love getting better at what they do. And our offices become a second home. Even as they spend more time away from it. If you think all this is just as important to you, we are happy to welcome you.


Here’s how we’ve built a happier workplace

But we do have a few rules.

You can call them guidelines if you like. But you will find they make your job easier. And more rewarding.


It’s a well-worn word, but at KANINI, it’s a deeply ingrained habit. We trust each other and our successes are a result of transparency and honesty. Our clients love that, and you will too.

Timely delivery

The timelines we set are realistic (we are always honest, remember), so we always deliver on time. This simplifies both work and life.


Win or lose, we never forget that we’re all human, and that people always come first. Our leadership is down to earth and always willing to listen and change.


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