KANINI + Databricks

  • Advisory-first Approach
  • Cutting-edge Data Solutions
  • Superior Business Outcomes
Our partnership with Databricks enables us to leverage Databricks’ Lakehouse platform and strengthen our repertoire of cutting-edge Data, Analytics, and AI solutions for our current customers.
With this strategic partnership, we also aim to fortify our research and innovation initiatives that would help us take our modern data solutions to prospective customers with velocity.

Harness The Power of Data With the Best Cloud Data Platform

Data is the lifeblood of any organization today. And the right data platform that is equipped to efficiently extract, sort, clean, process, and analyze the data can help an organization derive actionable insights.

If data is the new oil, insights bring new revenue channels. To achieve accurate and precise insights, all your data should be unified with analytics and AI & ML on one platform that streamlines data engineering & management, modernization, and visualization, while ensuring security and governance.

Data Challenges We Solve

Disparate Systems & Data Silos

Data silos across multiple units, causing a fragmented view of the customer journey

Legacy Tools & Technologies

Legacy tools and technologies that are not able to scale for high data volumes

Impaired Data Processing

Lack of real-time data processing and analytics capabilities of your data platform

Compromised Data Governance

Absence of efficient data governance ensuring customer data security

Constrained Data Integration

Inconsistent data ingestion and integration internally and externally

Inaccurate Descriptive Data Analytics

The need for moving from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analytics

Value We Deliver to Our Customers

Easy-to-use Single Platform

Accelerate all data tasks right from ETL through business intelligence

High-value Data Analytics

Gain quick access to high-value data, analytics, and AI use cases

Modern Data Solutions

Implement technology- and platform-agnostic data and AI solutions

Scalable Cloud Data Platform

Leverage a secure, scalable, and multi-cloud data platform

Dynamic Data-driven Culture

Foster a data-driven culture through a collaborative multi-user environment

Superior Business Outcomes

Make informed and better business decisions with predictive analytics

Want to know more about how we work with Databricks for our customers?

Hear from our experts on how the combination of KANINI and Databricks brings value to your business.