A Trusted Databricks Consulting & Implementation Partner

KANINI’s strategic business partnership with Databricks strengthens our repertoire of cutting-edge Data Analytics and AI solutions for our customers.
As a Databricks Partner with strong technology and domain expertise, we enable customers across industries .

KANINI + Databricks – Partners in Powering Data Transformation with Innovation

Are you looking for a Databricks Partner to accelerate your data and digital transformation journey? We can help you leverage the power of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to improve your organization’s operational efficiency, customer experience delivery, cybersecurity, and much more.
As a Databricks Partner, KANINI has been empowering new and existing customers across industries such as banking and financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing to develop, deploy, or migrate to the Databricks Lakehouse platform and unlock data-driven opportunities faster.

Why Databricks?

Data is the lifeblood of any organization today. Legacy infrastructure and data warehouses lead to siloed data, inefficient data processes, and unproductive workflows. The need of the hour is to democratize the huge volume of data that flows into every business.
A data platform like Databricks Lakehouse, which is equipped to efficiently extract, sort, clean, process, and analyze the data, can help organizations derive actionable insights in real-time and create new revenue channels.
Enterprises across the board trust Databricks to simplify data ingestion, automate ETL, improve collaboration across programming languages, and improve the performance of their cloud data warehouse. Be one of them.
Its foundation on the modern Lakehouse architecture provides a highly flexible, simple, open, and unified multi-cloud platform for data and AI.

Join Hands with the Right Databricks Partner

Harness the Power of Data with the Best Cloud Data Platform

We at KANINI, your reliable Databricks Partner, can help you capitalize on your data by unifying it with analytics and AI & ML on one platform – Databricks Lakehouse. Streamline data engineering & management, modernization, and visualization while ensuring security and governance.
Our strong positioning as an experienced Databricks consultation and implementation services partner enabled us to drive and accelerate the data transformation of enterprises striving for a data-driven culture and positive business outcomes. If you are ready to embark on your data transformation journey, join hands with us today!
Talk to us, your dependable Databricks Partner, to build a future-ready unified data platform.

Data Challenges We Solve as Your Databricks Partner

Modernizing a data platform comes with its set of challenges. Our role as a Databricks Partner is to help businesses overcome these roadblocks and build a secure and scalable Databricks platform that delivers the best performance with optimized cost.
How do we do it? – We identify the data challenges in your organization through careful assessment, analysis, and reporting, sync them with the latest industry trends, and offer the support you need to build, deploy, and manage data pipelines, ML models, and business intelligence applications across multiple clouds and data sources.
By partnering with Databricks, we reinforce our focus on fortifying research and innovation initiatives that allow us to take modern data solutions to the market faster.

Disparate Systems & Data Silos

Data silos across multiple units, causing a fragmented view of the customer journey

Legacy Tools & Technologies

Legacy tools and technologies that cannot be scaled for high data volumes

Impaired Data Processing

Lack of real-time data processing and analytics capabilities of your data platform

Compromised Data Governance

Absence of efficient data governance for customer data security

Constrained Data Integration

Inconsistent data ingestion and integration internally and externally

Inaccurate Descriptive Data Analytics

The need for moving from descriptive to predictive and prescriptive analytics

How Your Enterprise Can Benefit from KANINI

Without a reliable Databricks Partner, enterprises struggle to maximize the value of the Databricks platform and minimize the associated risks and challenges.
Our expertise in data architecture, analytics, and AI combined with Databricks’ innovative solution offerings can support your enterprise in areas of customer experience delivery, fraud detection, infrastructure management, workflow management, inventory management, and more.
Make your journey to Databricks more rewarding with KANINI as your expert Databricks Consulting Partner.

Easy-to-use Single Platform

Accelerate all data tasks right from ETL through business intelligence

High-value Data Analytics

Gain quick access to high-value data, analytics, and AI use cases

Modern Data Solutions

Implement technology- and platform-agnostic data and AI solutions

Scalable Cloud Data Platform

Leverage a secure, scalable, and multi-cloud data platform

Dynamic Data-driven Culture

Foster a data-driven culture through a collaborative multi-user environment

Superior Business Outcomes

Make informed and better business decisions with predictive analytics
Are you looking to migrate to Databricks? Make us your IT partner to leverage our expertise in Databricks. Begin your transformation into a data-driven enterprise.

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