EHR Modernization Services

Building Patient-centric and Outcome-focused Care Delivery Systems

In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, legacy EHR systems no longer suffice. Our tailored modernization services empower EHR vendors and solution providers to meet the demands of integrated care, data protection, and scalability, ensuring a seamless transition to modern EHR systems and expanding their market reach. Partner with us to lead the way in EHR innovation.

Solve Your Legacy EHR Challenges

In the current healthcare landscape, providers and payers are facing a lot of challenges in terms of their business operations and delivering comprehensive care. Growing patient expectations, increasingly complex regulatory requirements, and the industry-wide shift towards value-based care demand a proactive, data-driven approach to patient management. Yet, many healthcare providers and payers are hindered by legacy EHR systems that simply can’t keep pace.
Can your EHR systems deliver the efficiency, patient engagement, and actionable insights needed to thrive in the modern healthcare environment? Are your solutions equipped to empower your clients to navigate these complexities?
  • Lack of interoperability and information exchange across different healthcare systems that restrict payers and providers to gain a single view of data.
  • Data security and compliance risks that expose critical personally identifiable information (PII) to vulnerabilities?
  • High maintenance overheads and costly license upgrades that impact your clients’ revenues?
  • Manual workflows that cause administrative burden to providers and payers??
  • Complex navigation and lack of intuitive UI/UX features that slow down your customers’ processes?

Create Powerful EHR Platforms

Empower providers and payers to thrive with a modernized EHR platform and deliver enhanced patient experiences. KANINI’s end-to-end EHR modernization services provide a seamless path to this transformation.
With KANINI, you can confidently guide your clients towards a more efficient, patient-centric, and data-driven future. Help them unlock the full potential of their EHR systems and deliver exceptional care in the digital age.
  • In-depth Assessment: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your client’s unique needs and challenges.
  • Strategic Roadmap: Develop a clear, actionable plan to guide the modernization journey.
  • Implementation & Deployment: Ensure a smooth transition to a cutting-edge EHR solution.
  • Maintenance & Continuous Upgrades: Keep your clients’ systems at the forefront of healthcare technology.

EHR Modernization Services

UI/UX Design
Mobile App Development
AI Solutions
Windows Application
Quality Engineering and Compliance Testing

Leverage Cutting-edge Technologies to Achieve Positive Outcomes

Modern EHR systems, built using revolutionary technologies such as the cloud, AI &ML, and big data analytics, deliver a transformative experience for healthcare organizations. Get the right guidance on the strategic adoption of these modern technologies to create value across the various healthcare processes.

Cloud Computing

Modern, secure, and scalable data storage and access, fostering collaboration and remote patient care.
Seamless data exchange between different healthcare systems, eliminating data silos and providing 3600 patient view.

Generative AI

Automated workflows, cognitive data analysis, risk prediction, and more, enhancing decision-making and patient outcomes.

Big Data Analytics

Analysis of large volume of structured and unstructured healthcare data for actionable insights and data-driven patient care.

Data Visualization

Identification of trends and patterns from complex data sets represented as visual charts and graphs for clear understanding.


Intuitive interfaces and dashboards with user-friendly features, improving user experiences and optimizing processes.

Customize EHR Modules to Create Better Value in Care

Explore our tailored EHR solutions, backed by revolutionary technologies, that help you achieve your goals of operational excellence and revenue growth, by enabling your clientele to deliver quality care, improve patient experiences, and manage risks.

Online Patient Registration

  • Minimize manual paperwork for providers and payers by capturing patient details through intuitive online registration forms.
  • Enable them to automate tasks like health plan eligibility verifications and demographic updates.
  • Simplify retrieving consistent and comprehensive patient data from the centralized storage.

Appointment Self-Scheduling

  • Empower providers to enable patients to book/cancel appointments through an online self-scheduling module. Help providers eliminate front-desk dependencies, out-of-office hours restrictions, and unsecured sharing of PII/card details over the phone.
  • Facilitate providers to achieve center-specific customization and leverage features like automated reminders, two-way HIPAA-secure communication tools, and patient waitlist management.

Clinical Documentation

  • Equip healthcare organizations with AI-powered data capture capabilities through image analysis, speech recognition, automated suggestions, and other features.
  • Assist them in automating complex documentation processes and help them create automated summaries of doctor’s notes, medical records, and lengthy patient-physician interactions based on pre-populated templates.
  • Accelerate identification of medical codes for providers and payers, like ICD-10 Codes and Z codes from handwritten medical records.

Laboratory Information System (LIS) Integration

  • Help providers automate the transfer of lab test orders and results between the EHR system and lab systems.
  • Aid them in reducing manual data entry tasks to minimize errors access real-time lab results within the patient chart for prompt and accurate clinical decision-making.
  • Enable healthcare practices to streamline their workflows and improve communication between healthcare providers and laboratory staff.

Automated Medical Billing & Invoicing

  • Empower providers and payers to boost the speed and precision of billing processes with automation.
  • Equip them with customized invoice templates based on their specific requirements.
  • Endow them with tools to identify and address accounting errors and access real-time patient data for verification, to help achieve medical coding accuracy and prevent patients from being overcharged for medical treatments.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

  • Maximize revenue capture and minimize denials for payers and providers by enabling proactive claims management.
  • Help them ensure faster and maximum reimbursement for services rendered and optimize financial outcomes.
  • Simplify compliance concerns for payers and providers by helping them minimize errors in medical coding, billing, and documentation.

Ready to transform your EHR system and elevate patient care?

Get strategic guidance on building a secure, effective, and scalable EHR system for your healthcare organization.

Centralized Document Management

  • Facilitate your clients to organize and access patient records efficiently with a centralized document management system. Provide them with a solution to store all patient information securely in a unified platform for easy information retrieval and improved collaboration.
  • Help them overcome their challenges in manual and error-prone document management workflows with automation solutions.

Insightful Reporting and Intuitive Dashboards

  • Allow your clients to gain valuable insights into their practice performance with customizable reports and interactive dashboards.
  • Your clients can track key metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and improve patient outcomes.
  • Give them a single view of all the necessary data through comprehensive dashboards.

Eligibility Validations

  • Facilitate the seamless integration of eligibility validations into your clients’ existing workflows, streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing overall revenue cycle efficiency.
  • Help them reduce claim denials and improve their revenue collection with real-time eligibility checks.
  • Assist them in verifying patient insurance coverage at the point of care, preventing costly errors and ensuring accurate billing.

Sophisticated Claims Module

  • Empower payers and providers to ensure accurate and efficient claim submission with a robust claims management system.
  • Enhance their claims process with automated coding, electronic submission capabilities, and denial management tools.
  • Support them in improving their patient experience and regulatory compliance posture.

Patient Portal Transformation

  • Empower providers to enable patients to access their medical records, view lab results, schedule appointments, communicate with providers, and other details.
  • Manage their healthcare information conveniently through secure web and mobile portals.
  • Help them enhance their patient engagement initiatives with virtual chatbots, medicine reminders, remote monitoring, etc.

Provider Portal Modernization

  • Provide healthcare organizations with a single, convenient platform to review patient charts, dictate notes, manage appointments, and collaborate.
  • Help them ensure secure access to patient information through intuitive UI/UX compatible for the desktop and mobile.
  • Empower them to achieve scalability and faster deployments with cloud adoption.

Driving Substantial Value for Your Clients with EHR Modernization

Benefits for Providers
With the growing shift towards value-based healthcare, providers face increasing pressure to deliver high-quality care while controlling costs. EHR systems can no longer just be tools for documentation; they need to be powerful platforms that can significantly enhance a provider’s ability to meet these modern demands. Streamlined Clinical Workflows: Intuitive interfaces, automated tasks, and intelligent decision support tools in modern EHRs reduce administrative burden, allowing providers to focus on patient care.
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: Patient portals, telehealth capabilities, and personalized communication features of modern EHRs foster stronger patient-provider relationships and improve adherence to care plans.
  • Data-driven Clinical Decision-making: Modern EHRs provide clinicians with real-time access to comprehensive patient information, enabling them to make informed decisions at the point of care.
  • Improved Financial Performance: Streamlined billing processes, accurate medical coding, and optimized revenue cycle management in modern EHRs lead to improved financial performance for providers.
Benefits for Payers
Payers are increasingly seeking solutions that empower them to manage risk, improve population health outcomes, and streamline administrative processes. An advanced EHR can help them in creating better care experiences.
  • Enhanced Data Interoperability: Modernized EHRs enable seamless data exchange between providers, payers, and other stakeholders, facilitating accurate risk assessment, care coordination, and claims processing.
  • Improved Claims Accuracy & Efficiency: Automated workflows and standardized data formats in modern EHRs reduce manual errors, speed up claims processing, and minimize denials, resulting in cost savings for payers.
  • Data-Driven Insights for Value-Based Care: Modern EHRs equip payers with comprehensive patient data and analytics, enabling them to identify high-risk populations, track quality metrics, and drive value-based reimbursement initiatives.
  • Proactive Risk Management: With real-time access to patient data, payers can proactively identify and manage potential risks, leading to better outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Maximize Value Creation with KANINI

Get ready for a strategic modernization of your EHR system and open doors to endless opportunities for innovation and improved value gain. With KANINI’s EHR modernization consulting and implementation services, healthtech companies can empower healthcare providers and payers to bring better care experiences, speed to market, cost efficiency, security, communication, engagement, and significantly reduced administrative burdens.
Client Retention
Streamlined provider and patient experiences, leading to higher client satisfaction and loyalty.
Increase in Portal Usage
User-friendly interface to foster better engagement, communication, and care.
Hours Saved Weekly Per User
Improved administrative efficiencies for dedicated focus on care and increased revenue.

Why Choose KANINI?

Key Differentiators

  • Strategic EHR modernization approach
  • Latest tech stack and cutting-edge solutions
  • EHR integration consulting and implementation
  • Guidance on adherence to regulatory compliance
  • Detailed roadmap for continuous returns
  • Flexibility for future modifications and customizations

What We Do

  • Assessment of existing IT infrastructure, EHR systems, and workflows
  • Evaluation of business requirements and specific pain points
  • Re-architecting of the IT ecosystem to support EHR modernization
  • Seamless integration of modern EHR modules into existing system
  • Continuous monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of the modernized EHR system
  • Establishing metrics and mechanisms for evaluating the performance and impact of the modernized EHR system

Ready to transform your EHR system and elevate patient care?

Get strategic guidance on building a secure, effective, and scalable EHR system for your healthcare organization.
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