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HIPAA Expertise

HIPAA Consulting

When working with Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), we help in identifying and determining the scope and vulnerabilities involved to help successfully comply

Security Risk Assessments

Identify, analyze, create and put measures in place to resolve the actions by completing a comprehensive risk assessment for all health data.

HIPAA Compliance

Our Data security tools and BAs can guide your organization to successful compliance and maximum security. And also provide continued support.


HIPAA Implementation checklist

ePHI Inventory Scoping and Profiling

Security Risk Analysis Report

HIPAA/HITECH Assessment Report

Risk Management Plan

Customized Policies and Procedures

Online User Training

Executive Summary Report

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HIPAA Implementation checklist

What you will be enabled with

Implementation Support Checklist

What You Will Be Enabled With

What you will be enabled with

What You Will Be Enabled With

Implementation Support Checklist

HIPAA Key Rules.

HIPAA Privacy Rule

Privacy rule sets the national standards for a patient’s rights to PHI. This includes a patient’s rights to access PHI and health care provider’s rights to deny access to PHI. However, the HIPAA privacy rule only applies to covered entities and not business entities.

HIPAA Security Rule

The HIPAA Security Rule sets the national standards for security, transmission, and handling of ePHI. This outlines the criteria for the safety of ePHI. These standards include physical, administrative, and technical safeguards that health organizations must have in place.

HIPAA Breach Notification Rule

This rule covers the standards that covered entities, and business associates must follow in the event of a PHI or ePHI data breach. It requires organizations to report all breaches. The specific protocols for reporting depend on the type of breach

HIPAA Omnibus Rule

This rule was amended to the HIPAA regulation to extend the application of HIPAA to business associates, in addition to covered entities. This rule mandates that business associates must be HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA Security Safeguards

Administrative Safeguards
Physical Safeguards
Organizational Requirements
Technical Safeguards

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