ServiceNow as a Service: A Managed ServiceNow Instance

Estimate the cost savings you could achieve with KANINI’s ServiceNow managed instance

Are you interested in buying ServiceNow but are struggling to justify the costs? Looking for a Managed ServiceNow instance?
For small and medium businesses, a standalone instance can be a costlier option, and subscribing to an MSP instance from an experienced service provider can help you achieve all the benefits of ServiceNow without breaking the bank.
Use this MSP Value Calculator to understand the costs you would save when implementing a managed instance provided by KANINI instead of a standalone ServiceNow instance of your own.

MSP Value Calculator

Cost saved compared to a Standalone Instance

Note: The calculator considers 3 years of investment

# If you are looking to buy lesser than 20 licenses, MSP may be the only option as it is necessary to opt for more than 20 licenses to purchase a standalone ServiceNow instance.

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