Case Study

Application Modernization

A Leading Audit & Assurance Services Provider Improves Audit Quality and Accuracy

A leading global audit and assurance services provider improved accuracy in auditing customers’ digital assets by modernizing their audit application with advanced features.
Industry & Region: Audit & Assurance Services Provider, USA
Technology Stack: Angular 15.2 | NodeJS | .NET Core web API | SQL Server 2019 |Azure
Client Overview
Our client is a leading global company that provides audit and assurance services for global customers. By leveraging their expertise and innovative technologies, they aim to improve customer experience with exceptional audit services.
Business Challenge
Our client developed an in-house application for auditing customers’ digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and tokens with utmost accuracy. However, the existing user interface (UI) of the application was not able to accommodate auditors’ requirements effectively.
This invited the need to modernize and enhance the application by adding new features to ensure effective auditing of digital assets and improve user satisfaction. Our client was looking for a technology partner with a strong experience and expertise in UI/UX of application development.
Solution Offered
As the first step, our team of UI/UX experts analyzed the client’s audit application and identified the gaps and the areas of improvement. Our team then created a prototype for the client to understand the enhancements we envisioned for their application.
Satisfied with the prototype, the client partnered with KANINI to modernize their audit application. Our team started by enhancing the application with advanced UI functionalities that allowed the client to create and manage users, classify projects based on their statuses, and increase application usability across their locations.
Furthermore, we added new features such as OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), XPUB (Extended Public Key), and “Right and Obligations Requests”.
Here’s how these UI features enabled our client’s audit practitioners to verify the authenticity of their customers’ digital assets efficiently:
  • OFAC – To identify customers who are on the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list and have committed cryptocurrency-related fraud.
  • XPUB – To track and monitor the transactions associated with customers’ XPUB key (a key which is used to transact crypto assets).
  • Rights and Obligations Request – To ask customers for documentation that specifies the ownership of digital assets.
Value Delivered
  • Enhanced user satisfaction.
  • Improved audit accuracy of customers’ digital assets.
  • Increased adoption of the application across the client’s multiple locations.
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