Data Discovery

In today’s business world, enterprises are deploying advanced digital technologies on a large scale to carry out operations and sustain in the market. This, in turn, is generating large volumes of data from various sources.
Analyzing and extracting insights from such data helps enhance business decision-making and optimize workflows. And, to achieve this, enterprises need to build a robust data discovery strategy that involves gathering data from disparate systems and locations as a preliminary process to deriving meaningful and actionable insights.
This whitepaper will help you develop a three-pronged approach to data discovery and comprehensively understand the process.
Our Data Services Team helped a leading Audit, Consulting, and Financial Advisory Company to build a robust big data platform and redefine the data analytics process by implementing highly efficient predictive models based on historical relationships between multiple data sets. It improved the accuracy of the audit results and reduced the time taken for audits by 30%.

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