Revolutionizing Behavioral Health Care

Behavioral health care has been gaining popularity in the last few years, importantly post-COVID-19. It’s been affecting almost a quarter of Americans every year.

However, behavioral health care is faced with challenges such as disparate rules and regulations, a shortage of behavioral health providers, tedious administrative tasks, and so forth. In order to overcome these challenges, many behavioral health professionals are discarding paper-based systems and leveraging modern technology solutions.

PIMSY EHR is one such comprehensive and customizable technology solution designed to meet the needs of mental and behavioral health. This HIPAA- and 42 CFR Part 2-compliant solution is integrated with Telehealth functionality to enable providers to offer remote treatment to patients securely. With KANINI as the IT technology partner for the PIMSY EHR solution, it comes with some significant features solutions such as patient and provider portals that transform behavioral health care delivery.

Want to learn more about revolutionizing behavioral health care with technology? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn from Ian Macdonald, CEO at PIMSY, and Neha Sinha, Director – Healthcare, KANINI, about:

  1. The biggest challenges faced by behavioral health providers
  2. How PIMSY EHR can help revolutionize behavioral health
  3. How technology partners like KANINI can help keep up with the latest technology trends.