Case Study

Migrating ITSM Workflows from JIRA to ServiceNow

A reputed technology solutions company optimized its IT service management by migrating from JIRA to ServiceNow ITSM.

A top IT products & solutions company migrated its ITSM workflows from JIRA to ServiceNow for streamlining incident management, increasing automation, and gaining real-time insights.

Industry & Region: Information Technology, US

Technology Stack: XML, JIRA, ServiceNow ITSM

Client Overview
Our client is a rapidly expanding IT products and solutions provider specializing in cloud infrastructure and managed cybersecurity services. With a massive workforce spread across multiple locations, the company delivers mission-critical IT support to enterprises across various industry sectors.
Business Challenge
The client initially adopted JIRA for IT service management (ITSM) due to its existing use within their agile software development teams. However, as their business and IT support requirements scaled, JIRA’s ITSM capabilities proved increasingly limited. Key challenges included:
  • Inefficient Incident Management: The client needed a robust incident management structure to track, prioritize, and resolve issues effectively within required SLAs.
  • Limited Automation: The growing volume and complexity of service requests demanded a stronger automated platform in place to manage IT service requests efficiently.
  • Poor Visibility: The existing system offered inadequate reporting and dashboards, making it difficult to gain real-time insights into IT service performance metrics.
These limitations compelled the client to seek a more specialized ITSM solution. Their goal was a seamless and time-sensitive migration to ServiceNow ITSM, including the transfer of approximately 150 existing tickets with all historical data.
Solution Offered
After a thorough assessment of the client’s requirements, our team proposed a streamlined and cost-effective JIRA migration strategy to ServiceNow ITSM. Our skilled team of ServiceNow experts, working in a collaborative offshore environment ensured round-the-clock availability for the client. Our solution approach included:
  • Data Mapping: We meticulously mapped JIRA’s ticket fields, including attachments, comments, and history, to their corresponding elements within ServiceNow’s data structure.
  • XML Import: Since it was a one-time migration, we leveraged XML imports to efficiently transfer the mapped data from JIRA into the newly configured ServiceNow ITSM environment. This helped us ensure a seamless transfer of tickets, without any noticeable downtime.
  • Rigorous Testing: A comprehensive testing phase ensured data integrity, accurate mapping, and the proper functioning of all workflows within the new ServiceNow system.
  • End-user Training: We provided tailored training to the client’s IT support staff to facilitate a smooth adoption of the ServiceNow platform and its ITSM processes.
Value Delivered
  • Successfully migrated all the tickets from JIRA to ServiceNow ITSM without any downtime.
  • ServiceNow’s workflow automation capabilities streamlined request handling and reduced manual effort.
  • The intuitive self-service portal empowered users, leading to a better overall support experience.
  • The overall optimization of IT service workflows enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the client.
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Migrating ITSM Workflows from JIRA to ServiceNow