The Power of Data Analytics & Workflow Automation in Digital Transformation

Gone are the days of delivering health care through traditional practices. Patients today are well-informed and ready to use the latest technologies and platforms to get high-quality and personalized care. Moreover, staff shortages, increased threats to privacy, constant regulatory changes, and more such impediments are a few challenges crippling healthcare organizations from creating an exceptional patient experience and improving provider productivity.

To overcome these challenges, meet patient expectations and enhance patient satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge in the market, healthcare organizations are turning to modern technologies such as data analytics & AI and workflow automation solutions like ServiceNow.

These solutions enable healthcare providers to focus more on delivering quality care to patients while the administrative tasks are automated. Improved decision-making, single pane of glass view, and patient outcomes prediction are a few of the other benefits healthcare organizations gain by implementing these solutions.

To learn more about how Data Analytics & AI and ServiceNow Workflow solutions are revolutionizing Healthcare, watch our on-demand webinar.

Our Experts:
  • Rakesh Talreja, Senior Vice President, and Head of US Healthcare Markets, KANINI
  • Anand Subramaniam, Chief Solutions Officer, and Practice Head for Data Analytics & AI, KANINI
  • Joshua Smith, ServiceNow Practice Director, KANINI
  • Jim Sabogal, Director of Partner Healthcare Acceleration, ServiceNow
  • Jason Wischer, Advisory Solutions Consultant, KANINI,
Have Discussed:
  1. The challenges faced by healthcare providers
  2. How healthcare organizations can gain patient intelligence with Data Analytics & AI
  3. How ServiceNow workflow automation solutions provide a single pane of glass view.