Service Mapping with ServiceNow

Transform Your IT Capabilities and Improve Operational Efficiencies

Today, the possibility of outages taking place during service delivery is high due to complex business processes, technology or network failures, cyber-attacks, human errors, or any unprecedented challenges. In these situations, the IT team of your enterprise should know how the technology and services are mapped to solve any such issue quickly and ensure smooth business operations.

ServiceNow Service Mapping can help enterprises efficiently map services and applications. It connects services with relevant IT components and identifies their interdependencies through automation. By adopting it, the IT team can resolve outages quickly and ensure that their customers get uninterrupted business services and the desired value. This also enables the IT team to concentrate more on core business processes.
Want to know more about ServiceNow Service Mapping? Read this whitepaper to understand:
  1. How enterprises benefit from ServiceNow Service Mapping
  2. Use Cases of ServiceNow Service Mapping
  3. How to implement ServiceNow Service Mapping Efficiently