ServiceNow for Healthcare Organizations

Enhance Operational Efficiencies to Achieve Service Delivery Transformation
In today’s business world, the need to embrace automation is high for organizations across industries to overcome operational challenges (e.g., staff shortages, handling effort-intensive and repetitive tasks) and meet and exceed customer expectations, thereby staying ahead of the competition. And this is also true for the Healthcare industry, where patient experience is the key defining success factor. They are increasingly adopting the latest tools and technologies that enable them to achieve healthcare service delivery excellence.
ServiceNow is the market leader, bringing the right workflow automation solutions that help streamline healthcare operations. ServiceNow’s CSM and IT workflows enable healthcare organizations to enhance patient satisfaction through intuitive portals and manage their IT systems, such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs), from a centralized platform. These solutions are easy to integrate with the existing healthcare IT systems and the third-party tools used by the organization.
Read this ebook to learn more about:
  1. The challenges faced by healthcare providers.
  2. How ServiceNow CSM helps improve patient engagement.
  3. How ServiceNow IT workflows can help healthcare organizations achieve IT service excellence.