Case Study

Integrating ServiceNow Virtual Agent with Microsoft Teams 

An Automotive Electronics Company Streamlines their Ticketing System

A leading global technology company in the automotive electronics space automates its ticketing process by integrating ServiceNow Virtual Agent with Microsoft Teams.
Industry: Manufacturing Industry, USA
Technology Stack: ServiceNow Virtual Agent, Microsoft Teams, Dynamic Translation
Client Overview
Our client is a leading global technology supplier of automotive electronics. They aim to create an exceptional user experience for drivers and passengers while interacting with vehicles’ cockpit displays and features.
Business Challenge
The client’s existing ticketing process was traditional – it required users to go to their ServiceNow portal and manually raise a ticket for service issues, which was time-consuming. The client wanted to simplify their ticketing process and make it efficient for users. They were looking for a vendor who is well aware of application integration and automation of workflows.
Solution Offered
Our ServiceNow experts assessed the client’s ticketing system built using ServiceNow and presented a proof of concept, which was well-received by the client. As the next step, we integrated ServiceNow Virtual Agent with the chat application they were using – Microsoft Teams.

The integration empowered the client to establish a smooth ticketing process that allowed users to chat/interact with the virtual agent bot on Microsoft Teams. Subsequent to a conversation on any issue by the user with the chatbot, a ticket would be automatically raised on the ServiceNow portal and assigned to the remediation team.

Furthermore, we powered the virtual agent chatbot with the “Dynamic Translation” capability to enable real-time multilingual support for the users. This solved language constraints and allowed users to interact with the virtual agent bot seamlessly in their preferred language.
Additionally, our ServiceNow team added a few virtual agent categories–IT orders, my approval, report an incident, service desk contact, submit a request, and modified a few –across the client’s other ServiceNow solutions like HR Service Delivery, and so on.
ServiceNow Virtual Agent MS Teams ​Integration
Chat feature integrated with ServiceNow Virtual Agent
ServiceNow Virtual Agent MS Teams ​Integration
Virtual Agent categories depicted in the chat
ServiceNow Virtual Agent MS Teams ​Integration
When an issue is raised with the Virtual Agent, a ServiceNow ticket is created automatically
Value Delivered
  • Raising requests/tickets is made easy for users, and it now takes no time.
  • Automated ticket workflow and approval process.
  • Better visibility into the status of tickets raised.
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