Case Study

Transforming Configuration Management by Revitalizing ServiceNow CMDB

A prominent pediatric health facility transforms configuration management by revitalizing its ServiceNow CMDB

A leading healthcare center for children redefines its configuration management process and transforms care delivery by optimizing its ServiceNow CMDB
Industry & Region: Healthcare, US
Tech Stack:  ServiceNow CMDB, ServiceNow Discovery, ServiceNow IRE, Microsoft SCCM, ServiceNow CMDB Health Dashboard
Client Overview
The client is a notable pediatric healthcare organization dedicated to providing quality care to children and uplifting their lives through the implementation of advanced technology solutions in care delivery, enabling them to grow into healthy adults.
Business Challenge
The client was using ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Discovery to gain complete control over their IT configurations, maintain a stable IT environment, and ensure smooth healthcare operations.
However, they struggled to derive the expected value out of their CMDB due to improper configurations. In addition, the process of scanning the IT network, gathering the required configuration data, and populating that data into the ServiceNow CMDB wasn’t going as per the plan.
The healthcare organization’s service quality was being impacted due to the inefficient and ineffective utilization of its ServiceNow CMDB, which prompted the company to seek expert guidance and support.
Solution Offered
The client got in touch with our ServiceNow experts and discussed their problems. Based on the initial evaluation of the client’s challenges, we decided to adopt a phase-wise consulting and optimization approach.
During the first phase, our experts evaluated the current state of the client’s ServiceNow CMDB and developed a roadmap to assist the healthcare organization in achieving the highest level of CMDB maturity.
Phase two included the core CMDB optimization tasks such as:
  • Populating up to 10 CMDB classes and configuring the CI (Configuration Item) class forms used for entering and managing CIs.
  • Populating the business service table and aligning with 5 high-level business services of the client.
  • Reviewing the ServiceNow Discovery tool and resolving the issues associated with it.
  • Integrating Microsoft SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which the client was using, with their ServiceNow CMDB.
  • Creating MID servers to facilitate communication between the ServiceNow platform and external data sources.
  • Leveraging ServiceNow Identification and Reconciliation Engine (IRE) to process data before ingesting it into the CMDB.
  • Configuring the healthcare organization’s CMDB Workspace.
  • Utilizing the CMDB Health Dashboard to ensure the CMDB was in good condition.
The successful execution of these tasks ensured efficient ingestion and storage of in-depth and accurate configuration information in the healthcare organization’s ServiceNow CMDB.
After executing the core functions, our experts conducted three in-depth training sessions, each lasting one hour, to empower ServiceNow users in the healthcare organization to effectively utilize the CMDB and offered fourteen days of support following the solution implementation. Multiple types of documentation such as governance documents for future-state CMDB, technical troubleshooting guides, twelve different workshop slide decks, and remote hyper-care documentation, were also provided to the client.
Throughout the project, several challenges arose, such as acquiring credentials for servers such as Linux and Windows, populating the CMDB, and troubleshooting user roles, among others. However, our ServiceNow experts promptly identified and resolved those challenges through collaborative brainstorming sessions with the client.
By successfully executing the tasks in these two phases, we established the foundation for future phases, which will include providing consulting services and evaluating the platform and licenses for further optimization of the client’s ServiceNow CMDB.
Value Delivered
  • Optimized CMDB, ensuring accurate and reliable data for decision-making.
  • Improved IT service delivery, reduced Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), and enhanced employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced outages by providing comprehensive visibility into IT configurations and dependencies.
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Transforming configuration management by revitalizing ServiceNow CMDB