Revolutionizing Healthcare to Deliver Value

Patient-centricity is at the core of current day’s healthcare delivery, ensuring quality care. And value-based care (VBC) is the new approach driving patient-centricity and building a resilient healthcare system. As Healthcare across the world transitions from the fee-for-service model to the more sustainable care delivery model of VBC, understanding how it creates value for all key stakeholders in the Healthcare chain, including the payer, the provider, and the patient, is vital.
Value-based care is a long-term strategic commitment. But, when done right, its benefits are profound.
Today, an increasing number of healthcare organizations are moving towards embracing VBC using the right transformation strategies and more importantly modern tools & technologies like cloud-based data platforms, micro-services, API-enabled core apps, & AI.
Read the Fact Sheet to Discover:
  • Statistics and latest figures on the US Healthcare System.
  • Challenges in embracing the value-based care model.
  • The need to drive VBC holistically through new engagement initiatives at local, national, and global levels.
  • The role of new-age technologies in accelerating this transition from volume to value.
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