Governance, Risk
and Compliance

Improve decision-making, performance, and gain real-time visibility into risk, with informed decisions integrated across your organization

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Automated Assurance
for operating at highest

Proactively identify, assess and respond to threats and risk exposure. Reduce the time spent on compliance lifecycle, reduce time and materials to conduct audits while also reducing overall risk, and remove barriers & bottlenecks to resolve issues and complaints with real time actionable data. Forget about penalties and proactively resolve impending audit findings.

Key Capabilities

Enterprise risk management

Continuously monitor to identify high-impact risks, improve your risk-based decision-making, and reduce reaction time effectively. Respond to IT and enterprise risks that can adversely affect your business continuity.

Policy and compliance management

Have a centralized process for creating and managing policies, standards, and internal control procedures that are cross-mapped to external regulations and best practices.

Audit Management

Plan & execute audit engagements, and report findings to the audit committee and executive board. Schedule internal audits, conduct resource planning, and scope engagements, conduct audit activities and review continuous monitoring results.

Vendor risk management

Automate redundant, manual tasks, like sending, tracking, and processing assessments. Respond quick ly and more confidently to issues. Increase productivity by focusing on vendors based on risk

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(Kanini Vulnerability Integration Dashboard) resolves all the listed issues by integrating ServiceNow, Azure DevOps and Vulnerability assessment Tools such as SonarQube.
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It’s no secret that digital transformation has become a necessity for businesses to gain a competitive edge.

KANINI Connect Fireside Chat: Redefining vulnerability assessment with ServiceNow.

Vulnerability Assessment just got way easier on ServiceNow. Online Fireside chat to discuss vulnerability assessment on ServiceNow and how Vulnerability Integration Dashboard for SonarQube can help ensure absolute harmony in your projects.

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