KANINI Connect: Redefining Vulnerability assessment to make project management work better for you

Oct 27
11am CST

Vulnerability assessments requires multiple scanner tools to report issues and it takes a big share of Project Managers’s time when it comes to project delivery. These tools do not provide a statistical report on number of vulnerable items and its risk levels.

Project managers also need to know the status of the vulnerabilities all the time as the Agile model requires continuous deployment of application.This forces Project Managers to manually track and have them fixed making it a long a tedious process.

In this Fireside chat with Todd Williams we are exploring how we can redefine the vulnerability assessment process and have a single view dashboard to track and make smart decisions while deploying your projects. Cut the project delivery time to over 20%.

KANINI’s Vulnerability Integration Dashboard increases your PMO productivity by reducing tech time spent in identifying and managing vulnerabilities realtime with a single view dashboard.


Nileen Gohel

Director - Kanini

Raj Aduma

Delivery Head - Kanini

Todd Williams