How will conversational AI improve patient experience & cost of care in Healthcare?

December 8
11am CST

Conversational AI is creating a holistic change in the healthcare landscape impacting Hospitals, Medical Practitioners and Patients.

Listen to industry leaders discuss the trends and usecases in Healthcare for Conversational AI

On 8th December at 11 AM CST join us as we discuss how AI is going to impact patients’ experience and overall cost of care.

From Booking appointments, Connecting you to a Doctor during an emergency, Asking health-related questions, Accessing your reports to Paying bills, AI can not only take care of the clerical work, but also enhance the patient experience by providing incredible amount of convenience at scale so the cost of care as well comes down drastically making it accessible to everyone.

You will be joined by our host Sudha Krishnasamy, VP at KANINI, along with industry experts and leaders guiding organizations on AI adoption for better customer experience and reduced costs, Soumay, Co-founder and CEO at Humonics Global and Carmen Lux, Founder and Principal at CLux Performance Coaching.

What you will learn:

  • The necessity for conversational AI in healthcare.
  • How support bots help in reducing cost of care.
  • How conversational AI can improve patients experience.
  • Personalization potential and use cases
  • What we can expect within the next 5 years in healthcare.


Soumay Seth

CEO - Humonics Global

Carmen Lux

Founder - Clux LLC