Vulnerability Integration Dashboard for Veracode

May 25
11am CST

Vulnerability Integration Dashboard for Veracode provides a vulnerability dashboard on ServiceNow, by sending an email to Servicenow from Veracode’s scan report as an XML file and interacts with IT project management tools like Azure DevOps.

It can read the data and create vulnerability tickets according to our unique needs. With this app, PMOs can now track their vulnerabilities and assign developers easily and scale to multiple projects effortlessly. This automation increases the PMO productivity by 20% by reducing the time spent in gathering the vulnerabilities report and ensuring continuous followup to completion.

  1.  Create vulnerability from inbound email action with attachment
  2. Send a notification for the Point of Contact of DevOps if the connection fails
  3. Attachment validation
  4. Track scans happened by APIs/Emails
  5. Queuing mechanism for connection issue between ServiceNow – Azure DevOps.


Joshua Smith, Practice Director, ServiceNow


Raj Aduma Delivery Head