Vulnerability Integration Dashboard for SonarQube.

Redefining vulnerability assessment with ServiceNow

A Kanini Governance Application.

Brings all your vulnerability reports from the Application Scanners like Sonarqube or Veracode into the ServiceNow portal allowing Project Managers to manage the vulnerabilities for the Application within ServiceNow.

Vulnerability Integration Dashboard for SonarQube creates a vulnerability item in ServiceNow as well as in DevOps for the developers to resolve the issues identified under Vulnerability Analysis.

Enables project managers to directly improve their processes and help reach their targets atleast 3 times faster!

Key features

The solution currently supports integration with SonarQube but can be extended to support integration of ServiceNow with

  • Other vulnerability assessment tools such as Veracode, Fortify etc
  • Other third party tools that QA teams use for performance testing, to identify copyright violations, unauthorized libraries etc.

Azure DevOps integration with ServiceNow will provide real time flexibility to pull in other reports for PMO team (Defects/Stories etc.)

Handle Multiple sources of vulnerability data input – a) API b) XML – can be extended to handle additional file types.

Vulnerability Integration Dashboard for SonarQube – A ServiceNow Certified App

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Product Quality by Over


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(Kanini Vulnerability Integration Dashboard) resolves all the listed issues by integrating ServiceNow, Azure DevOps and Vulnerability assessment Tools such as SonarQube.

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