CognyLend.Ai, a cognitive automation solution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities, seamlessly integrates with a lender’s loan management system and helps them accelerate the loan processing.


Cognitive Automation For Loan Origination

Streamline loan processing and accelerate disbursements with intelligent automation




Loan Analytics

Advantages of Adopting Cognitive Automation

Seamless Customer Data Extraction

Seamlessly extract customer data from multiple sources – salary slips, financial records, and so on. Pre-screen applications efficiently with automated data extraction.

Intelligent Document Verification and Matching

Verify and validate loan applications and proof documents, replacing the traditional maker- checker process. Enhance workflows consistently through the self-learning capabilities of ML.

Advanced Customer Background Verification

Disburse loans to eligible customers through advanced analysis. For credit score validation, replace rule-based KYC with AI-driven KYC, which also analyzes customers’ past data and Patterns.

Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce the manual effort and the time taken to perform repetitive tasks in loan processing that cut down operating costs. Minimize errors in the verification process that eliminates the scope for any unexpected loss.

Advanced Loan Analytics

Get recommendations on loan products with loan analytics. And, get a 360-degree view of the customer and relevant data points in a single dashboard to acquire better customer Intelligence.

Loan Default Prediction

Gain actionable insights and predict loan default probability based on customer payment history. Auto-classify loan applications and categorize them to identify the type of loans effortlessly and approve/reject loan applications.

Why CognyLend.Ai?

Improve Operational Efficiency & Enhance Customer Satisfaction

The traditional loan origination process can take up to 35-40 days due to tedious manual tasks involved in screening, verification, and validation of the customer documents.

Lenders need an advanced solution that delivers exceptional loan experience across the digital lending value Chain. KANINI’s is an automated loan origination solution powered by AI, ML, and RPA for faster loan processing. It helps automate document classification, and verification and validation of customers’ signatures, handwriting, and photos with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

CognyLend can integrate with third-party credit rating systems through APIs to validate customers’ credit scores.

It helps predict the loan default probability of a customer more accurately and make informed decisions on disbursements based on a scoring system – default probability score, KYC eligibility score, loan eligibility score, thereby reducing the turnaround time. CognyLend provides loan analytics that can provide recommendations on optimizing your products and services in line with customer requirements.


An Automation Framework for Faster Loan Origination

Traditional Loan Experience

Cognitive Lending Experience

Cognitive Lending Experience

cognitive loan origination

Key Benefits of CognyLend.Ai

Eliminates Tedious Manual Tasks

CognyLend automates the loan origination process end-to-end, streamlining the siloed systems and workflows at every stage while ensuring reliable audits and controls.

Accelerates Loan Document Processing

CognyLend helps in the faster and
automatic screening of customer applications, and identity proofs, bringing more efficiency to the “Maker-Checker” process.

Provides Loan Insights

CognyLend provides loan officers with advanced customer
insights and recommendations on loan products and also enables them to predict the probability of loan default by a customer.

Value we Deliver

Some Challenges We Solve

Benefits You Gain

Manual data extraction from loan application forms and supporting documents can be time-consuming.

Increase productivity by 30% and enhance employee experience, enabling them to focus more on core banking operations.

The need for extensive analysis of a borrower’s background and understanding of their eligibility criteria and repayment capabilities.

Decrease or eliminate the chances of disbursing loans to ineligible borrowers and indulging in calculated lending.

Lack of technical expertise and resources to replace traditional lending processes with an advanced lending solution.

Harness AI and RPA capabilities to avoid inaccuracies and errors in document verification and customer data submission

Significant time and effort are required in streamlining the e-KYC for better risk profiling and eliminating potential errors.

Reduce loan origination costs and save 80% of loan processing time. Mitigate risks and improve process efficiency.

Transform Loan Origination and Disbursements with CognyLend.Ai

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