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Enterprises are constantly looking for quicker turnaround of quality services. This expectation and engineering is now becoming the “new normal”. The need to adopt rapid automation to reduce uncertainties is clear. AI & ML are fast becoming essential tools for today’s enterprises to achieve superior business outcomes in lesser time in-spite of uncertainties.

With expertise in Artificial intelligence consulting we help optimize your business operations, and power your organization to a higher customer success rate and improved efficiency.

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machine learning solutions

Revolutionize business operations with AI & ML

Modern enterprises are implementing advanced AI and Machine Learning solutions to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency. Ready to analyze your data and find data patterns to uncover meaningful insights? Our data experts can help you make the best use of your data stores and fully derive the hidden value within data employing AI and ML solutions.

Our AI & ML Services Portfolio

The adoption of AI has been on the rise more than ever. You need an AI engine to tap the full potential of your data and leverage its value to improve process efficiencies. AI engines can simplify repetitive tasks, integrate with data warehouses, add a deeper layer of intelligence, etc.

They enable machines to learn various types of data gathering, inputs, and even expertise to perform human-like tasks. AI engines rely on natural language processing and machine learning as well as deep learning technologies.

AI & ML Services
AI, ML, DL & RL​


Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses machine learning, deep learning and reinforcement learning.

AI enables the software to demonstrate smarter decision making, and Machine learning (ML) allows algorithms to automatically understand historic data and predict future patterns and outcomes. ML achieves this from supervised, unsupervised learning and Reinforcement learning (RL).

Deep learning (DL), like RL, is another aspect of ML that allows algorithms such as Artificial Neural Networks, Recurrent neural networks and Convolutional neural networks to work as our own neurons do.

AI Enablement Strategy

At Kanini we have a 5I approach to Artificial Intelligence Consulting.


We help identify the right AI use cases that serves your business


Innovate considering the suitable target state responsible, and trustworthy AI platforms that supports your current and future business needs.


We incubate and deliver proof of concepts of the AI use cases that allows you to see demonstrable evidences of possibilities in your enterprise


We study your data landscape , Consult target state data platform that enables scalable, reliable Implementations of AI in your enterprise.


Our AI strategy is very inclusive of our customer’s vision. We believe in delivering AI and Machine Learning solutions that delivers sustainability and scalability to our customers

AI for the Progressive Generation

Enterprises are quickly realizing that customer curiosity and engagement is key to their success. Today’s Gen X, Y, and Z customers are engaging through various platforms like social media, IVR, online journeys, emails, and sms that provide a wealth of customer intelligence data via images, text and voice.

Enterprises have adopted technology platforms that process unstructured data (images, text, voice) and adopt AI techniques to understand true customer behavior.

Image and Text Analytics

Leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies to automatically scan and extract data from documents, digitizing hundreds of documents. Derive actionable insights and drive process efficiencies.

Automate document processing with cognitive document processing (CDP) solutions. Extract data from unstructured documents; classify documents (such as business and KYC documents) into user-defined categories, enabling data analyses while ensuring security.

machine learning solutions
machine learning solutions

Voice and Video Analytics

Speech-to-text or transcription solutions that automatically categorize conversations to facilitate customized searches. Use voice analytics to analyze audio content, and offer personalized customer experience.

AI-powered video analytics to intelligently tailor videos. Use Machine Learning solutions to analyze video streams with comprehensive and complex algorithms.

Sentiment Analysis

Today, millennials and Gen Z customers share their feedback on numerous platforms, and social media. Monitoring and processing all that data can enable sentiment analysis.

Recognize patterns in customer data and make predictions about their purchase behavior using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and ML. Analyze human sentiments and provide guidance to your team to enhance the quality of their interaction.

Sentiment Analysis

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Value we Deliver

Some Challenges We Solve

Benefits You Gain

Advisory and skill requirement in determining the right dataset

Gain improved data quality to aid in better insights.

Not having supporting IT systems/infrastructure to meet ambitious output

With thought leadership focus on the outcome, gain higher speed to market

Deep understanding of data security & storage to drive the AI projects for maximum efficiency

Make Informed Decisions with clear trends and course of action

Lack of Integration with Cloud and existing systems

Gain deeper and meaningful insights by finding natural patterns in data

Lack of best customer experience and thereby engagement.

Enhanced customer engagement as you help your customers proactively overcome their challenges

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