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IT operations management is a set of best practices and processes for monitoring and managing the physical data center, IT infrastructure, and private/public cloud comprising servers, databases, storage, networks, and applications. ITOM ensures the high availability of your systems 24X7 and streamlines resource allocation, reduces infrastructure costs, and increases performance and security.

Optimize IT Operations the Smart Way

ServiceNow ITOM empowers an enterprise to achieve a 360° view on its IT infrastructure, proactively diagnose and fix any service outages, and optimize the IT operational costs.

Achieve Visibility and Predict Future with ServiceNow ITOM

ServiceNow ITOM
ServiceNow ITOM


ServiceNow discovery enables the IT team to accomplish the bird’s eye view on physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure from a single system and also seamlessly pass the configuration items into the CMDB.

ServiceNow ITOM Discovery
ServiceNow service mapping

Service Mapping

ServiceNow Service Mapping brings complete visibility to the list of application services within an enterprise and creates a map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles. Service mapping along with discovery boosts control over service-aware operations.

Configuration Management Database

ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) is a single system of record maintaining complete information about the IT environment used within an enterprise. Being the heart of ServiceNow, CMDB provides visibility into the management of business applications, assets, compliances, and configurations.

ServiceNow CMDB
ServiceNow Predictive AIOps

Predictive AIOps

ServiceNow AIOps predicts and prevents IT incidents causing a critical business outage. It detects anomalies, physical footprints, and incidents as much as possible.

Health Log Analytics

ServiceNow Log Analytics (HLA) predicts and prevents any outages in advance, thus reducing the MTTR and optimizing the costs. It quickly remediates the frequently occurring issues.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management ITOM
ServiceNow cloud management

Cloud Management

ServiceNow cloud management empowers the developers to manage the cloud resources on an ad-hoc basis.

Value we Deliver

Some Challenges We Solve

Some Challenges
We Solve

Benefits You Gain

Non-availability of mission-critical business services

Ensures high availability of business services

Manual and siloed approach that increases operational cost

Increased productivity by breaking down the siloes

Time-consuming efforts due to repetitive errors

Auto remediate the repetitive errors

Lack of efficient utilization of available resources leading to increased cost

Increased cost savings through effective resource management


Ensures high availability of business services

Increased productivity by breaking down the siloes

Auto remediate the repetitive errors

Increased cost savings through effective resource management

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