ServiceNow IT Service Management

Streamlined IT Service Delivery to Meet Your Business Goals

Future-proof your IT services by aligning them to ITIL standards. ServiceNow’s ITSM application consolidates management of incidents, problems, and changes, along with offering features such as virtual agent support, predictive intelligence, and DevOps capabilities, all within a unified and streamlined platform.

Elevate Service Resilience. Deliver Delightful Experience.

ServiceNow ITSM helps organizations plan, deliver, and support IT as a service (ITaaS) on a single platform far more efficiently. With ServiceNow’s cloud-based ITSM platform replacing legacy systems, enterprises can experience improved productivity levels, gain full visibility into their processes, focus more on customer needs, and collaborate across departments with always-on IT services.
As a ServiceNow Premier Partner and Managed Service Provider (MSP), we empower enterprises across industry segments such as banking and financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing, to leverage ServiceNow ITSM more effectively, based on their unique business needs and end objectives.

Incident Management

Reduce IT service requests and high-priority incidents and restore services automatically.

Problem Management

Minimize the impact of any service disruptions on business and accelerate resolutions by conducting root cause analysis.

Change Management

Reduce friction between IT and DevOps. Integrate organization-wide change processes.

Request Management

Serve customers 24/7 and boost user satisfaction through the AI-powered self-service portal. Manage service requests effectively from a single platform.

Knowledge Management

Empower users with self-help info on troubleshooting and task resolution.

Predictive Intelligence

Lower cost, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction with AI-powered smart suggestions.

Mobile Agent

Manage team performances, enhance collaboration, resolve requests, and simplify workflows on the go.

Now Mobile

Create and customize elegant apps and deliver tailored experiences for employees on their mobile devices.

Agent Workspace

Improve agent efficiency and proactively identify major incidents.

Vendor Manager workspace

Get a single view of your vendors to make meaningful decisions and save on costs.

Service Owner workspace

Identify and remediate issues faster and provide the highest quality of IT service from a single intuitive interface.


Connect development tools, centralize configuration data, and manage teams with value stream management.

IT Service Management Process Integration

ITSM Integration
IT Service Management Process Integration

Want to unveil the future of IT Service Management with ServiceNow ITSM?

Partner with us to embark on a journey that redefines efficiency, collaboration, and performance across your enterprise.

From handling IT requests and incidents to managing the IT service catalog and keeping track of changes — our expertise in successfully implementing ServiceNow ITSM gives organizations a competitive advantage to create new business milestones.
Ensure quicker issue resolution, streamlined processes, and a more organized IT service management ecosystem with KANINI as your technology partner.

Getting More Done with ServiceNow ITSM

Gain real-time insights for effective team management, optimal agent scheduling, and improved overall IT service delivery capacity.
Enhance outcomes by streamlining workflows and boosting performance through refined process flows. Identify inefficiencies in your IT service management processes.
Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Ensure service continuity by tracking IT service dependencies and relationships through a harmonious integration of ServiceNow ITSM with CMDB.
Digital Portfolio Management
Empower decision-making with a consolidated view of services, products, and applications through Digital Portfolio Management under ServiceNow ITSM.
Measure your IT service performance against the industry’s premier anonymized customer datasets and standardized benchmarks.

Now Assist for ServiceNow ITSM

The Power of Generative AI in Revolutionizing IT Service Management

Powered by Generative AI, the Now Assist for ITSM helps enterprises transform their IT service management processes. When a user raises an incident through the Virtual Agent and gets redirected to a service agent, the agent can simply summarize the chat or incident using the Now Assist feature on their portal. It reduces the time that would be taken to understand and resolve the issue. Subsequently, the agent can automatically generate resolution notes, streamlining the handling of similar incidents in the future. This boosts agent efficiency and enhances user experience.
KANINI leverages its Generative AI capabilities to ensure that the Now Assist for ITSM works effectively for enterprises while prioritizing data security and privacy.

Experience the Added Advantage of ServiceNow’s CSDM Framework

Standardize and streamline the management of each of your business services, applications, and infrastructure components across the CMDB and ITSM processes with ServiceNow’s Common Services Data Model (CSDM) framework.
Our expertise in ServiceNow helps enterprises leverage ServiceNow’s CSDM, CMDB, and ITSM components effectively and build a comprehensive solution for improving IT service visibility, data accuracy, and collaboration between IT teams and departments.

Implementing CSDM in Stages to Achieve Better Outcomes: Application focus

ServiceNow CSDM

Seamless Integration of ServiceNow ITSM Across Departments

The scope of ServiceNow ITSM extends beyond the IT department, becoming integral to the seamless functioning of broader business operations. We drive smooth integration of ServiceNow ITSM with business processes for assured regulatory compliance, data security, and risk reduction. Through a centralized communication hub, such as a service desk or knowledge base, organizations can foster efficient information exchange and teamwork. This paves the way for swifter issue resolution, informed decision-making, and improved collaboration across teams.

Join the Leaders in the IT Service Management Space

Approximately 85% of Fortune 500® companies use ServiceNow. You can also be a part of ServiceNow’s growing user base and make a mark in your field of business.

A Forrester Research quantified the value of ServiceNow ITSM and reported that it helps provide cleaner audits, increased customer delight, and highly efficient incident management. ServiceNow ITSM consistently leads the IT service management solutions market through its plethora of capabilities that include predictive intelligence, Virtual Agent, incident recording, problem remediation, automation of routine tasks and requests, performance analytics, and advanced IT service management functions.

Begin your ServiceNow ITSM Journey with KANINI

Discover how we make IT Service Management more rewarding for organizations worldwide, across diverse industry segments, through the strategic implementation of ServiceNow ITSM.

Reduce the volume of service requests and high-priority incidents.

Increase overall IT delivery capacity and interconnect departments seamlessly.

Significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs.

Reduce IT team’s time spent on issue resolution.

Value we Deliver

Some Challenges We Solve

Some Challenges
We Solve

Benefits You Gain

High cost of services and siloed departments increase resolution time and slow down modernization

Highly efficient platform to deliver resilient and cost-effective services with higher control over recurring tickets and service requests

Disparate systems, tools, and processes create high friction in service management

A single view of service delivery management to improve service quality and save millions of dollars

Complex and difficult to manage IT environment with barriers to achieve objectives in service delivery transformation

Replace legacy and point tools with ITSM to reduce administration time and implement CMDB to all processes

Slow app deployments and inefficient change processes decelerate service delivery

Automated ticket creation and no deployment handover to operations

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