ServiceNow IT Service Management

Future-proof your IT services by aligning them to ITIL standards to efficiently manage the availability and resiliency of services, and deliver a better customer experience. ServiceNow’s ITSM/ITSM Pro brings incident, problem and change management, virtual agent, predictive intelligence, DevOps, and more under a single efficient platform.

Elevate Service Resilience. Deliver Delightful Experience.

ServiceNow ITSM helps organizations plan, deliver and support IT as a service, and enables them to focus on customer needs. It enables you to manage IT services in a single platform, improve productivity, gain full visibility into your processes, and collaborate across departments with always-on IT services.

Incident Management

Boost employee productivity and restore services automatically

Problem Management

Minimize the impact of any service disruptions on business and accelerate resolutions

Change Management

Reduce friction between IT and DevOps. Integrate organization-wide change processes

Request Management

Self-service portal, serve your customer 24/7 and boost user satisfaction

Knowledge Management

Enable your users with info on self-help, troubleshooting, and task resolution seamlessly

Predictive Intelligence

Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with smart suggestions powered by AI

Mobile Agent

Manage team performances and simplify your work

Now Mobile

Create and customize elegant apps, deliver tailored experiences

Agent Workspace

Improve agent efficiency and proactively identify major incidents

Vendor Manager workspace

A single view of your vendors to make meaningful decisions and save on costs

Service Owner workspace

Identify and remediate issues faster, provide the highest quality of service


Connect development tools, centralize configuration data, and manage teams with value stream management

Migrate to CSDM Framework

Migrate to
CSDM Framework

Leverage Common Services Data Model (CSDM) to connect each of your service management processes with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to align business services and technology configuration items across the platform.

Implementing CSDM in Stages: Application focus

Implementing CSDM in Stages:
Application focus

ServiceNow CSDM

A Clear Framework for Every IT Service in One Place.

ServiceNow ITSM consistently leads the service delivery process with far higher efficiency compared to any of its counterparts in the industry. It helps reduce service delivery costs by creating a predictable IT organization. 2017 Forrester Research quantified the value of ServiceNow ITSM and reported that it helps provide cleaner audits, increased customer delight, and highly efficient incident management.

Reduce the volume of service requests and high-priority incidents.

Increase overall IT delivery capacity and interconnect departments seamlessly.

Significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs.

Reduce IT team’s time spent on issue resolution.

IT Service Management Process Integration

ITSM Integration
IT Service Management Process Integration

Value we Deliver

Some Challenges We Solve

Some Challenges
We Solve

Benefits You Gain

High cost of services and siloed departments increase resolution time and slow down modernization

Highly efficient platform to deliver resilient and cost-effective services with higher control over recurring tickets and service requests

Disparate systems, tools, and processes create high friction in service management

A single view of service delivery management to improve service quality and save millions of dollars

Complex and difficult to manage IT environment with barriers to achieve objectives in service delivery transformation

Replace legacy and point tools with ITSM to reduce administration time and implement CMDB to all processes

Slow app deployments and inefficient change processes decelerate service delivery

Automated ticket creation and no deployment handover to operations

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