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In the last decade, Communication Providers are converging with Media and Technology Enterprises. With ARPU reducing and a big investment needed for 5G, most communications providers are now getting ready to disrupt other industries through the relationships they have with their customers.

Telco, Media and Tech Convergence – Telecom Providers have started wearing the hat of a Media and Tech Provider with the data explosion that comes with 4G and now 5G implementation. Telcos are now partnering with cloud providers to offer Apps as a service, ensure better data to insights and personalized experiences, for customer-centricity.

Digital Possibilities for Media & Telco Evolution.

Our Technology, Media and Communication clients benefit from our diverse expertise in Digital 2.0, that includes Product Engineering, Field Services Management, Connected Solutions, Data Analytics, Intelligent Automation, and Conversational AI.

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Field Services Management for Telcos provides more than 50% improvement in productivity levels

Integrated Product Engineering Solutions for Technology, Media and Communications providers

ServiceNow customizations/deployments for a single view of all delivery projects

Conversational AI to improve end customer experience

Intelligent Automation to transform order processing, billing operations, and invoice processing

Telehealth Partnership solutions for Telcos as a value-added service

AI & Analytics solutions for predicting churn and acquisition

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These guys are lifesavers when you don't have the in-house expertise or resources needed to complete a project. I hired Kanini to write a custom editing tool to deploy for use inside of ArcMap. After providing specifications for my needs, they came back quickly with an affordable and detailed proposal. The work was done professionally and correctly the first time (no do-overs, add-ons, or cost overruns) and ahead of schedule. I can highly recommend this group for custom solutions.

Frank PhillipsDirector of Market intelligence, Vulcan Materials Company

I have engaged Kanini's services for several years involving the development of a comprehensive transportation logistics and risk assessment tool for policy analysis and operations planning. Throughout this entire experience, Kanini staff have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and skill in performing a multitude of software development tasks. Moreover, the culture of the organization reflects a commitment to professionalism, high quality performance and working collaboratively with customers to produce a successful outcome.

Mark AbkowitzProfessor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Director

Your Solution saves us a lot of time and money that was wasted trying to find things based on pole number and paper records.

Dennis MabeVP of Engineering & Operations, Randolph EMC, North Carolina

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