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ServiceNow enables organizations to achieve process excellence and digital transformation success. The right ServiceNow partner can empower you to tap the full potential of ServiceNow solutions and gain a competitive edge.
Our result oriented ServiceNow consulting and advisory services, combined with industry knowledge and deep domain expertise, help organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Improving workflows, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, risk management, data security, and decision-making are a few of the core business objectives organizations relentlessly strive to achieve. Investing in ServiceNow’s enterprise-wide solutions has been a game-changer for organizations looking to achieve these objectives while reducing costs.

As a trusted ServiceNow Premier Partner and Managed Services Provider (MSP), we’ve built our ServiceNow consulting and advisory services to help you ensure seamless ServiceNow implementation, optimal platform usage, effective user adoption, and organizational change management, and provide guidance throughout your ServiceNow journey.

Our ServiceNow Consulting, Advisory, & Implementation Services

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What We Deliver - Enabling Organizations to Unlock the Full Potential of ServiceNow

CMDB Optimization with CSDM

A standardized approach to organizing and storing IT services and components information in the CMDB is essential to realize maximum value from your ServiceNow investments. Today, organizations are increasingly adopting the Common Services Data Model (CSDM) framework to build a mature CMDB and improve their business outcomes.

Our ServiceNow experts, leveraging their in-depth expertise in the CSDM framework, can help you enhance the performance and accuracy of your CMDB. It empowers you to obtain a holistic picture of the relationships between IT components and business services and improve service quality.

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Process and Platform Maturity Assessment

Attaining the highest level of process and ServiceNow platform maturity is essential to achieve the desired business objectives. Leveraging the length and breadth of our ServiceNow experience, we help our clients across industries build a strategic roadmap to reach the highest level of maturity.

Our ServiceNow consulting and advisory services include carrying out extensive platform and process assessments and identifying the areas for improvement by collaborating with all your IT & business stakeholders. Our timely and efficient process and platform assessments will ensure smooth business operations and improved ServiceNow platform performance.

Read our blog post How to Enhance ServiceNow Platform Utilization to learn more.

Platform Integration and Management Strategy

Integrating the ServiceNow platform with current systems and managing it effectively is essential to avoid operational disruptions. However, organizations often struggle with the platform integration and management process due to skill gaps.
As a well-experienced ServiceNow partner, we can assist you in the successful integration and management of the ServiceNow platform. By leveraging our proven expertise in software integration, we make sure the ServiceNow platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, guaranteeing smooth data exchange and process synchronization.

License Optimization

Struggling to manage and optimize your ServiceNow license usage while maximizing the ROI? KANINI can help you!
By harnessing our wealth of experience in license management and advanced tools, such as ServiceNow Performance Analytics, ServiceNow Subscription Management, and KANINI’s License Workbench Application, our experts can guide you in utilizing the ServiceNow licenses efficiently by assigning user roles appropriately, reducing the incurrence of unnecessary expenses and improving ROI.

Want to learn more on optimizing ServiceNow licenses? Read our blog post.

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Regular System Evaluations & Platform Upgrades

Regularly checking your instance health and upgrading the platform to the latest release is necessary to get maximum value from ServiceNow solutions.

At KANINI, our proven expertise in conducting regular system health check-ups and ensuring successful ServiceNow upgrades for our clients makes us a reliable partner for organizations looking to upgrade their platform to the latest release seamlessly. We utilize our tried and tested methods, and technologies to help you overcome the challenges in monitoring, maintaining, and improving ServiceNow platform performance.

Platform Customization and OOTB Restoration

Customizing the ServiceNow platform to meet unique business requirements is a common practice among organizations. However, along with the benefits, organizations also experience platform complexities and performance issues due to the customizations. As a result, they reach a point of restoring the customizations to their original state or going back to the out-of-the-box (OOTB) state to optimize platform performance. That said, without expert guidance, reverting a customized ServiceNow platform to the OOTB state can be a challenging task.

This is where KANINI can help you. Our experts can assist you in customizing your ServiceNow platform as necessary using scoped applications and/or can roll it back to OOTB if that is required while enabling uninterrupted business operations.

Implementation Maturity Optimization

Your ServiceNow implementation should be well-aligned with the organization’s objectives. Based on the level of maturity and what problems you are trying to solve, the right ServiceNow solutions should be implemented to achieve the highest level of maturity.
Our seasoned ServiceNow experts can assess the level of implementation maturity and bring essential enhancements. Our ServiceNow Consulting and Advisory services will help you implement a proper Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or transform your capabilities with solutions like ServiceNow ESM (Enterprise Service Management) in line with your business needs and level of maturity.

Change Management

The implementation of a new ServiceNow application or solution will invite a change in the usual business processes. Therefore, to get the maximum value from your ServiceNow implementation and ensure smooth business processes, an Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy is essential.
Our ServiceNow experts can assist you in developing and executing an effective OCM strategy to enable frictionless acceptance of the ServiceNow platform. We make sure everyone or every user in your organization is well aware of the solution and can adapt to the new processes effortlessly.


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