Case Study

ServiceNow CMDB Optimization

An Automotive Manufacturer in the US Transforms its IT Operations Management (ITOM)

A leading automobile manufacturing company optimizes its IT operations management by improving the usage and management of its ServiceNow CMDB and implementing ServiceNow Discovery and Service Mapping.

Industry & Region: Manufacturing, US

Tech Stack: ServiceNow CMDB, ServiceNow Service Mapping, ServiceNow Discovery
Client Overview

The client is a leading multinational automotive manufacturer in the US striving to enrich people’s lives by providing innovative products and services. The company’s main goal is to deliver superior value to its stakeholders through its solutions.

Business Problem
The client had been using the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to manage the configurations of their large number of IT systems. This allowed the senior management to get a centralized view of the IT data for insights and informed decision-making. The CMDB was being managed by their in-house IT team using several manual processes and it is here that the company faced a few challenges –
  • The manual process of populating the data in the CMDB was tedious and also leading to stale and unreliable data in the CMDB and ineffective decision-making.
  • Besides, the business units like HR in the client’s organization were not in line with the requirements that IT had set for managing the CMDB.
  • Further, the client had a colocation project in which all configuration items (IT systems) were moved to a new data center. So, making sure all this data was consistent and clean in the CMDB was also necessary.
The client’s in-house IT team lacked the expertise to handle these CMDB- and ITOM-related challenges and hence looked for expert assistance in optimizing the CMDB journey and transforming their IT operations management.
Solution Offered
We initiated the project by deploying a three-member team of ServiceNow experts (2 for the technical aspect and 1 for improving the process) in the client’s in-house ITOM team.
Our experts helped the client’s in-house team to materialize their plan of implementing ServiceNow Discovery and Service Mapping tools to automatically gather IT data from various sources. Our experience and expertise in ServiceNow enabled the successful implementation of these ServiceNow tools. This automated the process of identifying the relationships between IT systems and business services and populating the data in their ServiceNow CMDB.
The consolidation of all the data in the CMDB optimized the company’s overall configuration management process, helping the team to progress to the next level of CMDB maturity and strengthen its ITOM capabilities.
Additionally, our knowledge-sharing sessions empowered the company’s employees to make the best use of the ServiceNow platform to transform their IT operations management and business processes.
Value Delivered
  • Effective maintenance of data for accuracy, consistency, and completeness in the CMDB.
  • Provided expert guidance on the implementation of ServiceNow Discovery and Service Mapping.
  • Improved ITOM maturity through the implementation of automation capabilities.
  • Enhanced configuration management, enabling improved decision-making, product quality, service delivery, and business outcomes.
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