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Experience the transformative synergy of technology and manufacturing through our cutting-edge IT solutions for automation, application design, maintenance, and quality assurance.
Learn more about how you can unlock innovation, efficiency, and profitability with technology in your manufacturing business.

Modern IT Solutions that Redefine Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses globally are moving towards digitization, leveraging advanced technologies such as AI, data analytics, IoT, and the cloud to drive intelligent decision-making. You can do it too.
Our IT solutions for smart manufacturing are designed in line with the latest industry 4.0 trends to help you overcome the challenges and complexities of a manufacturing value chain. Optimize your production processes, enhance quality control, improve workflows, and drive cost efficiencies by modernizing your IT infrastructure.

Proven Track Record

Extensive portfolio of numerous successful technology implementations and delighted clients within the manufacturing industry, demonstrating our reliability and expertise.

Customizable End-to-End IT Solutions

Modern technology solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and specific challenges of enterprises in the modern manufacturing landscape.

Value-oriented Consulting Services

Thought leadership for long-term success and value-driven outcomes through a sustainable roadmap to technology integration.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborations with leading technology partners to deliver the latest innovative solutions to customers worldwide.

Our Technology Capabilities

Creating Value in Your Manufacturing Business

Data Analytics & AI

Unleash the power of data-driven decision-making in manufacturing with our advanced data analytics capabilities – gain actionable insights, optimize processes, and drive efficiency. From predictive analytics for demand forecasting to real-time production monitoring and quality control, our Data Analytics & AI expertise helps you harness the full potential of your data.

Product Engineering

Architect success with our product engineering solutions tailored to drive innovation, accelerate development cycles, and ensure design precision. Beginning from concept, all the way through to commercialization, our solutions streamline product development and management, optimize design iterations, and enhance collaboration.


Leverage the transformative capabilities of the ServiceNow platform. KANINI is an experienced ServiceNow premier partner and managed service provider, seamlessly implementing customized ServiceNow solutions that drive efficiency and workflow excellence. Embrace digitization, simplify processes, and unlock new levels of productivity.

Customized IT Solutions for Diverse Manufacturing Industry Segments

Automotive Manufacturing

From advanced robotics that drive smart manufacturing processes to intelligent predictive analytics for data-driven decision-making, we enable automotive manufacturers to evolve and embrace the latest industry trends of green transportation.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Our IT solutions with real-time data analytics and automation capabilities streamline processes like semiconductor wafer inspection and defect detection to help businesses achieve the highest standards in precision and quality.

Personal Care Products Manufacturing

Our comprehensive inventory management solutions among other offerings for the personal care products manufacturing sector streamline procurement, minimize wastage, and optimize operational costs to deliver better value to end consumers, while easily adapting to the shifting consumer preferences.

Power Grids and Energy Equipment Manufacturing

We enable businesses in the power grids and energy equipment sector to modernize by leveraging new-age technology solutions that drive their strategic business vision forward through smart grid meters, optimized power distribution networks, and agile asset management.

Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

Consumer electronics manufacturers must adapt to rapid technological advancements while dealing with the perils of short product lifecycles, fluctuating component costs, and raw-material shortages. Our software solution suite is tailored to help enterprises build innovative and durable devices while maintaining profitability.

Construction and Building Materials Manufacturing

Our IT solutions emphasize safety and efficiency. We enable enterprises in the construction and building materials business to adopt green building concepts efficiently, overcome the challenges around regulatory compliance, certification, quality control, and process optimization, and gain a competitive edge.

Cutting-edge IT Solutions for End-to-End Transformation

Efficient planning, procurement, inventory, and operations management with workflow automation solutions that provide intuitive dashboards and real-time 360⁰ visibility.

Quality Control and Assurance

Continuous monitoring and defect detection, and quality verification and validation with our comprehensive AI-powered technology solutions.

ESG and Sustainability

Streamlined ESG processes with an AI-driven ESG audit platform with document intelligence capabilities, ensuring sustainability practices.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Accelerated development cycles from conception to disposal, enabling faster time-to-market with end-to-end PLM software solutions.
Efficient workforce allocation, real-time tracking, and streamlined task management with comprehensive AI-powered process automation.

Risk Management and Security

Safeguarded manufacturing infrastructure with robust cybersecurity, risk mitigation, and incident management tools.

Workforce Management

Seamless workforce management, risk-free operations, and enhanced worker safety with advanced IT solutions.

Value we Deliver

Some Challenges We Solve

Benefits You Gain

Inefficiency in Manufacturing Process

Optimized Workflows for Increased Productivity

Difficulty in Meeting Industry Regulations

Compliance Management for Adherence to Quality Standards

Complexities in Supply Chain Management

Streamlined Coordination for Optimized Inventory Control

Equipment Downtime and High Maintenance Costs

Automated, Predictive, and Proactive Maintenance for Reduced Downtimes and Costs

Dependency on Manual Efforts and Repetitive Tasks

Process Automation for Increased Operational Efficiency

Inefficient Data Management and Siloed Systems

Data Integration and Analytics for Actionable Insights

Security Risks such as Data Breaches and Compromised Data Integrity

Enhanced Cybersecurity for Safeguarding Sensitive Data

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