Looking to Revolutionize IT Operations Management and Reinvent Service Delivery?

Service-aware CMDB is Your Key!

Utilizing multiple monitoring tools and repositories to identify the connections between IT components & services and to store that data may not be effective for configuration and service management. This approach can lead to fragmented data, high maintenance costs and efforts, and operational complexity.
To overcome this challenge and gain comprehensive visibility into the relationships between IT components and services, organizations across industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Banking & Financial Services (BFS), among a few others, are implementing ServiceNow’s service-aware CMDB (Configuration Management Database).
From ensuring proper IT compliance management to enabling automated identification of security vulnerabilities and improving change management, a service-aware CMDB helps transform end-to-end IT and business processes.
Having said that, organizations often struggle to build and implement a proper service-aware CMDB in ServiceNow due to the lack of a roadmap or strategy. Even if they achieve the first few steps of successful implementation, many still encounter difficulties in maintaining the health of their service-aware CMDB.
Want to learn how to redefine IT and service delivery by successfully building a ServiceNow service-aware CMDB? Read our eBook. It explains:
  • How to build and implement a robust service-aware CMDB with ServiceNow: a step-by-step guide.
  • How to maintain a healthy service-aware CMDB with ServiceNow.
  • The various industry-wide use cases of a service-aware CMDB.