ServiceNow IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Aligning IT Assets with Your Business Strategy

Successfully track and optimize all the digital assets across your enterprise with ServiceNow ITAM. Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of software, hardware, and cloud infrastructure on a single platform with the help of a robust configuration management database (CMDB).

A Single Platform Solution

With Specialized Tools and Data Repository for Effective IT Asset Management

ServiceNow offers a dedicated ITAM data repository designed for precise inventory tracking. This data repository is distinct from the CMDB, ensuring maximum flexibility in asset management. Within the ITAM data repository, users can meticulously track financial information related to their IT assets. Meanwhile, the CMDB focuses on managing the intricate details and relationships of configuration items (CIs). This pairing of ServiceNow IT Asset Management and ServiceNow Configuration Management Database on the same platform eliminates the traditional challenges around data integration, normalization, and data reconciliation. This means introducing new assets is smoother, with automatic CI records generation in the CMDB through the business rule engine.

Manage Assets at your Fingertips

Our experts have helped enterprises achieve 360° visibility of their IT applications, hardware assets, cloud infrastructure, and compliance risks with a single dashboard view, enabling the stakeholders to take actions on the go.

ServiceNow ITAM
ServiceNow IT Asset Management

Combining ServiceNow CMDB, Software Asset Management, and Hardware Asset Management

It’s essential to finetune IT asset management practices to prevent potential IT overspending. The synergy between Software Asset Management (SAM), Hardware Asset Management (HAM), and CMDB enhances ITAM practices, contributing to cost reduction and providing valuable data for informed decision-making across various teams and departments of an organization.

ServiceNow Software Asset Management

An enterprise can realize significant cost savings in just one year after implementing a Software Asset Management application that can track, evaluate, and manage the complete lifecycle of software licenses.
However, enterprises using legacy SAM applications usually spend more on licensing costs and face the challenges of duplicate resource utilization and risks. This is because, traditional SAM tools follow a reactive approach. This approach requires enterprises to wait longer to get the CMDB import and export and to act upon the requests.
With a robust CMDB in place, ServiceNow SAM effectively monitors and manages the applications in real-time. It becomes a single system of records that keeps enterprises updated on unused licenses and potential compliance risks.
ServiceNow Software Asset Management
ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management is a continuous process of managing an organization’s physical IT hardware assets – right from procurement to disposal. The complete information regarding the lifecycle of every hardware asset keeps IT teams well-informed about the appropriate time to take action. Both SAM and ha are integral components of ServiceNow’s ITAM suite.

Join Hands with Your Trusted ServiceNow Partner to Leverage ServiceNow ITAM

As a ServiceNow Premier Partner and Managed Service Provider (MSP), our team of experts have empowered enterprises across diverse industries to successfully transform their ITAM processes. Enterprises in banking and financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing are among the many industries that benefit from ServiceNow ITAM that enables 360° visibility of all IT applications, hardware assets, cloud infrastructure, and compliance risks through a single, user-friendly dashboard, empowering stakeholders to take actions on the go.

IT Asset Management Now at Your Fingertips

Gain Valuable Cloud Insights

ServiceNow ITAM’s Cloud Cost Management (previously called Cloud Insights) application allows you to manage cloud resources, control IT spending, and mitigate risks associated with cloud services effectively. By understanding cloud resource utilization, you can make informed decisions about resource allocation, optimizing cloud investments while minimizing unnecessary expenses.

Ensure Seamless Asset Onboarding and Offboarding

By centralizing asset tracking, reducing manual processes, and fostering proactive asset management, ServiceNow ITAM empowers HR teams to seamlessly onboard assets for new employees and efficiently recover and manage assets from departing personnel. This automation-driven, prescriptive workflow enhances productivity, cuts costs, and optimizes asset utilization.

Manage SaaS Licenses Effortlessly

ServiceNow SaaS License Management, which is a part of ServiceNow SAM, helps manage SaaS costs and usage far more effectively. It offers meaningful insights and actionable data on active licenses and redundancies to optimize your SaaS investments.

Discover the Multi-fold Benefits of ServiceNow ITAM

Efficient Lifecycle Management

ServiceNow ITAM streamlines software and hardware assets tracking from procurement to retirementreducing manual work, errors, and underutilization of assets throughout their lifecycle.

Cost Optimization
The comprehensive view of the assets allows efficient identification of underutilized resources and eliminates unnecessary expenses, leading to significant cost savings.
Risk Reduction
ServiceNow ITAM ensures compliance with software licensing agreements and security standards. Enterprises can proactively address vulnerabilities and make sure their assets are always up to date, reducing the risk of security breaches and compliance violations.
Enhanced Decision-making
With accurate asset data at the fingertips, enterprises can make informed decisions about procurement, retirement, and asset allocation. This data-driven approach leads to better resource management and improved business outcomes.
Simplified Audits
ServiceNow ITAM simplifies the audit process by providing a clear record of assets and their usage. This makes audits smoother and less time-consuming, reducing the possibility of audit-related disruptions.

Transforming Your ITAM Journey Through a Strategic Approach

IT asset management is not just about tools; it’s about smart management practices. We enable enterprises to leverage ServiceNow ITAM correctly so that they can make the most of their IT assets in alignment with their specific business goals. Our ServiceNow ITAM experts assess an enterprise’s current IT Asset Management setup and provide out-of-the-box solutions to create significant business value.

Value we Deliver

Some Challenges We Solve

Some Challenges
We Solve

Benefits You Gain

Lack of transparency on risk posture and vulnerability threats

Assess current risk posture and impact of software vulnerabilities

Limited idea of when to retire/dispose of an asset

Optimize the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of technology

Lack of visibility on software asset licenses information

Mitigate the compliance risk for software licenses and save costs

Decentralized management of assets, finances, and inventories

Manage financial, contractual, and inventory functions from a centralized location

Implementing ServiceNow CIO Dashboard for a Holistic View of IT Operations


Optimize the IT budget and scale up your business

Save costs by optimizing the unused software licenses

Mitigate the compliance risk for software licenses

Assess the current risk posture and impact of software vulnerabilities

Optimize the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal
of technology

Learn when to leave your legacy tools behind

Progress from manual to automated asset management

Manage your financial, contractual, and inventory functions

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Our ServiceNow ITAM experts will assess your enterprise’s current IT Asset Management setup and provide out-of-the-box solutions to create significant business value.

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