Case Study

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

An automotive manufacturer in APAC revolutionizes their IT infrastructure management

A top manufacturer of trucks and special-purpose vehicles in the Asia Pacific region streamlines the management of IT assets by implementing ServiceNow HAM.
Industry & Region: Manufacturing, APAC
Tech Stack: ServiceNow HAM
Client Overview
Our client is a leading manufacturer of heavy trucks and specialty vehicles in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region with a global presence, committed to enhancing the lives of their customers through the adoption of smart and innovative technology solutions.
Business Problem
The client had been following manual IT asset management processes and relied on IT infrastructure vendors to manage their IT assets such as laptops, desktops, cloud servers, routers, switches, and other related peripherals.
This traditional process made asset management an arduous and time-consuming task, particularly in events such as when an employee exited the organization, or a new employee was recruited, and they had to assess the assets’ functionality or condition before asset allocations/retrievals.
To overcome this challenge, the automotive manufacturer, being a long-time ServiceNow user, sought an appropriate ServiceNow solution that would help them streamline hardware asset management and an experienced ServiceNow partner to guide them on the implementation.
Solution Offered
To begin the project, we presented the client with a proof of concept (POC) for implementing the ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM) application that would efficiently address the discussed requirements. Pleased with the POC, the automotive manufacturer gave us permission and we adopted a phase-wise implementation approach to ensure the client could be periodically updated with a demo of the solution throughout the implementation process.
An 8-member team of our ServiceNow experts worked closely with the client’s IT team and infrastructure vendors.
In the 1st phase of the ServiceNow HAM implementation, our experts built the foundation of the system and added basic features to the application. We configured asset lifecycle functionalities–from procurement to disposal–in the application according to the company’s asset management policies and processes. Subsequently, this basic version of the application was presented to the client to gather their feedback.
In the 2nd phase, in addition to customizing the application based on the gathered feedback, we integrated automation capabilities into HAM which enabled the company to automate the following processes –
  • Installation of relevant software on all employees’ laptops, including that of the new recruits.
  • Registration of laptops ordered by users through the ServiceNow platform for further management.
The successful implementation of HAM enabled the company to automate the processes, visualize the lifecycle of assets on their ServiceNow HAM portal, and centralize the management of all the assets stored in each of their stockrooms.
Having solved the hardware asset management challenges through ServiceNow HAM, the client is planning to implement ServiceNow Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) as their next project with KANINI to extend their company’s management capabilities across all their enterprise assets.
Value Delivered
  • Streamlined hardware asset management with automation and reduced manual efforts.
  • Enabled 360-degree visibility into IT assets.
  • Enhanced employee experience through streamlined IT infrastructure management.
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