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Redefine Your Configuration Management Process and Optimize Service Delivery

Looking for a solution to get a consolidated view of IT operations and ensure effective configuration management? Implement ServiceNow CMDB for enhanced business workflows.
By providing comprehensive visibility into the IT configurations and environment, ServiceNow CMDB empowers organizations to establish a well-defined configuration management process. Want to ensure a successful ServiceNow CMDB journey?

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Empowering Enterprises to Leverage ServiceNow CMDB for Smooth IT Operations and Business Transformation

ServiceNow CMDB is a boon to businesses across industries, helping them revolutionize their IT operations. By working seamlessly with other ServiceNow applications, such as IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Security Operations (SecOps), and others, it streamlines the IT and business workflows. However, many still struggle to effectively leverage its capabilities, possibly due to lack of clarity. With a strategic direction on implementing ServiceNow CMDB, businesses can maximize the returns on their investment.
KANINI has built a team of ServiceNow experts that help organizations achieve successful implementation and optimization of ServiceNow CMDB. Whether it’s a Healthcare organization or a Manufacturing giant, our years of experience have taught us that an extensive assessment and a clear vision are prerequisites for successful CMDB implementation.

Looking to Level Up Your CMDB Game?

Building a Stable and Mature CMDB

A mature CMDB, one with reliable data and effective governance mechanisms, is essential for organizations to achieve the desired objectives.
Attaining the highest level of ServiceNow CMDB maturity requires organizations to implement advanced methods & tools that help scan their IT landscape, identify Configuration Items (CIs), and populate the data in the CMDB effectively. They should also update the CMDB regularly based on the nature of the IT environment to ensure it has reliable data.

Maintaining CMDB Health

The data in the CMDB should be accurate, complete, and compliant with predetermined criteria to ensure effective IT services and operations management.
Leveraging the ServiceNow CMDB Health Dashboard, configuration managers can gain actionable insights into the completeness, correctness, and compliance of CIs, including CI relationships. They can proactively manage CMDB health and share insights with relevant stakeholders and bring everyone onto the same page. Remediation rules can then be created to resolve CI issues.

Making Your CMDB Service-aware

While a traditional CMDB enables organizations to establish a technology-focused approach, a service-aware CMDB helps align IT infrastructure and services closely with business processes. It enables them to understand the business impact of the outage effectively and reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).
By implementing tools such as ServiceNow Service Mapping and aligning with the Common Service Data Model (CSDM), organizations can expedite the process of making their CMDB service-aware.

Want to Assess and Improve Your Configuration Management Process?

ServiceNow Tools to Optimize Your CMDB

In today’s dynamic business world, it is essential to implement advanced tools to avoid data entry errors and ensure the CMDB reflects the current state of the IT landscape accurately. ServiceNow offers various automated tools that help organizations populate the required data into the CMDB and ensure better CMDB utilization. Some of these tools are listed below.

ServiceNow Discovery

ServiceNow Discovery automates the process of scanning the entire IT infrastructure, gathering data about IT components, such as virtual machines, servers, databases, applications, and more, and bringing the data into the CMDB. Every time a new application is added to an organization’s IT network, ServiceNow Discovery gathers data relevant to that application and populates that into the CMDB. It also enables organizations to gain real-time visibility into their public and private cloud environments.

ServiceNow Certificate and Inventory Management

Renewing TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates before they expire is essential to prevent security breaches, deliver a safe browsing experience for users, and maintain their trust. With the ServiceNow Certificate and Inventory Management, organizations can keep an inventory of the certificates in their ServiceNow CMDB and map them to the relevant CIs, monitoring them regularly and keeping track of certificate expirations. Subsequently, they can assign certificate renewal tasks and resolve issues effectively.

ServiceNow Service Mapping

Leveraging the infrastructure data discovered by ServiceNow Discovery, ServiceNow Service Mapping identifies the relationships between the IT components and business-critical services. It automatically creates and stores service maps in the ServiceNow CMDB, empowering organizations to gain better control of their IT operations, diagnose service issues faster, and enhance service delivery.

ServiceNow Service Graph Connectors

Gathering accurate data from third-party tools, such as SCCM, SolarWinds, Qualys, and others, and populating the data in the CMDB is essential to gain complete visibility into the IT environment. ServiceNow Service Graph Connectors, built on top of the ServiceNow IntegrationHub ETL, allow organizations to efficiently populate third-party data into ServiceNow CMDB. Leveraging the ServiceNow Identification and Reconciliation Engine, the connectors validate the accuracy of data before loading it into the CMDB. They also map the data to the right tables in the ServiceNow CMDB, ensuring data quality, timeliness, and consistency.

Take Your ServiceNow CMDB Maturity Assessment & Get the Report

To ensure effective utilization of the ServiceNow CMDB and optimize IT and business workflows, assessing its maturity becomes imperative.
Do you want to determine the level of your CMDB or configuration management process maturity? We have compiled an assessment questionnaire for you to answer. Get started with it.
At the end of the assessment, you will get a report summarizing the level of your CMDB maturity and providing recommendations from industry experts to progress from where you are to where you should be in terms of your configuration management process.

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