Engagement Models

Our Playbooks. Planning Collaborations Right.

Elastic & Economical. Flexible Resourcing Model.

Flexible Resourcing Model allows our customers to keep their resourcing elastic with added or reduced engineers as per project needs. A team of developers is offered in standard pod sizes, and due to this flexibility, the costs are economical for clients. We work with a delivery-first attitude, and include project management with blended rates, for medium and large pods. Our exceptional technical and functional teams are also available to help you realize your project, as swiftly and robustly as possible.

Reasons. To Root For Flexibility.

Robust, Cost-effective & Matches your Need

Elastic resourcing improves cost-efficiency

Flexible contract tenure allows both short and long term partnership

Project management cost is modeled as blended rates for medium and large size pods

Technical and functional talent available as per your project needs

Eyes on the Prize. Outcome Based Model.

In the Outcome Based Model, our teams address the requirement – from project management to application development, ensuring the result you wanted is delivered to your complete satisfaction. With weekly functional demos and customer feedback, our experts understand the requirements and potential pain points. Accordingly, they share planned milestones for better deliveries, ascertaining the outcome of the project is exactly as intended by the customer.

Results Justify. Engagement Reasons.

Milestones Etched Eyeing the Outcome

We deliver the product end-to-end for customer review and feedback

We consider the Project management cycle while we bring the solution to life

Transparent reporting with milestone estimates and release dates for each deliverable unit

Regular functional demos by our teams for customer feedback and any guidance

Complete Ownership. Fully Managed Agile Development.

Fully Managed Model would ensure even the project leadership is completely taken care of as we design and develop the end product. We take ownership of the entire design, development, and outcome of the solution, and its abilities to meet your business requirement. When customers are looking for a world-class solution and need to focus on other parallel priorities, they choose our Fully Managed Model for faster and high-quality deliveries.

Steps That Define The Engagement

End-to-end. Why It Works Best.

We Focus on Delivery & You Focus on Business

End to end solution development furthered with domain expertise and project management

Complete ownership of delivery with the right team and future release plans

Thorough and feedback-driven UAT when we completely understand the needs and hurdles and plan the development cycle as per your business needs

End-to-end project management from understanding the full scope of the solutions to providing costs, schedule estimation, and ROM estimates

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