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A guide for your Digital 2.0 Transformation

Your customers today include Generation Z and Millennials. This group of individuals are mostly native digitals and have adopted to the Digital experience. However, transforming your organization to get digital and provide digital solutions to your employees, customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders will need you to take this journey

If you are a Chief Digital Officer or CIO or a leader putting a vision for your enterprise’s digital journey, here are a series of steps that you should focus on


Get buy-in from all C-Level leaders

Identify fast wins for the short term

Create momentum in the whole organization, Look for bottom down participation – Its important to do this in a way where you encourage and collaborate with the middle rung of leaders and incent them for small successes

Plan for Change Management

Identify your lieutenants who will move the needle

Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Now whether you are starting, accelerating or monetizing Digital 2.0 in your Enterprise; Kanini can help you in your journey

Kanini Transformation Methodology

Kanini’s methodology for identifying candidates for transformation

Assess the Environment

  • Evaluate current level of automation
  • Assess current team structure
  • Gather key data and volume metrics
  • Assess triggers and channels
  • Understand SLA and KPI requirements

Understand the Technology

  • Evaluate current core, enterprise applications
  • Access current systems and applications used within the process
  • Understand how applications are accessed, i.e. VPN, Citrix, web based, etc.

Define Scope and Objectives

  • Determine areas of applicability
  • Ring fence processes or functions for Proof-of-Concept, if needed
  • Develop key performance metrics
  • Create baseline assumptions

Solution – Benefits will go beyond cost reduction

Kanini will bring the right people, process, and technology to ensure that you achieve your objectives and ROI that no one else can offer.

Strategic Consulting to start the process

Deploy Projects along with Change Management

Commitment to land the plane

Solution – Benefits will go beyond cost reduction

Streamlined Process

0% backlogs, automated and standardized processes resulted in same day conversion.

Reduction of processing time

Scalable bots handled more volumes increasing efficiency by 50%.

Cost Avoidance

Reduction of handling time, mature processes and increase in quality resulted in reduction of overheads avoiding rising FTE costs.