ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Align work with your business objectives and transform the delivery of your services and products with lean and agile development practices. ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) maximizes business value by providing enterprises with visibility into their portfolio investments, enabling them to prioritize and track project progress.
ServiceNow ITBM

Drive Innovation and Deliver Value

Businesses face ongoing challenges in managing team priorities and funding. ServiceNow SPM enhances organizations’ ability to manage and advance core business services using digital workflows. It improves critical aspects of the delivery process: Visibility, Alignment, and Speed through a set of robust tools such as Project Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, Agile Development, Finance Management, and more.
KANINI’s expert team specializes in empowering enterprises to maximize the potential of ServiceNow SPM. We help you harness the power of ServiceNow’s pre-built workflows and tools, ensuring that your organization not only optimizes investments but also paves the way for innovation.

Unlocking Business Success with ServiceNow SPM

A strategic approach that’s both adaptable and goal-oriented translates into business success. With ServiceNow SPM, you can navigate the complex world of business strategy with confidence and precision.

Create a Strategic Roadmap for the Future

Mapping out your strategy is the first step to success. ServiceNow SPM allows you to build clear and continuously adaptable plans. Visualize your strategies and targets, and always know if you’re on track to meet your objectives. This strategic clarity empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence, ensuring your organization is always moving forward in the right direction.

Align Investments with Precision

Businesses change constantly and adaptability is key for sustenance. ServiceNow SPM enables you to respond swiftly to changes by identifying, prioritizing, and scheduling the right projects. Simultaneously, it aligns your teams, driving efficiency and ensuring every investment supports your overarching strategy. With ServiceNow SPM, you maintain focus and agility, even in the face of uncertainty.

Deliver Value with Speed

The ability to deliver value rapidly is paramount. ServiceNow SPM lets your teams work in the way that suits them best, whether it’s Agile, traditional, or a hybrid approach. Regardless of the methodology, they stay aligned with your strategic goals. This ensures you achieve your objectives while adapting to the dynamic demands of the market. ServiceNow SPM empowers you to drive innovation and deliver results at the pace that modern business requires.

An End-to-End Solution to
Accelerate Business Growth

An End-to-End Solution to Accelerate
Business Growth

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ServiceNow ITBM Strategy

Demand Management

ServiceNow Demand Management application helps your organization meet its strategic and operational demands. It assesses and consolidates all the demand information in a centralized location.

Project Portfolio Management

ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is an all-in-one platform that integrates with various work delivery methods, offering real-time updates on performance. With PPM, you can centrally view all work and ensure alignment with strategic objectives, optimize resources, and gain visibility into both traditional and agile methods, making project management efficient and adaptable.

Agile Development

ServiceNow Agile Development accelerates innovation by bridging the gap between strategy and execution. By orchestrating your Agile portfolio, you can effortlessly monitor all agile release train and scrum program features and epics in one unified view. Additionally, ServiceNow streamlines the agile planning to DevOps workflow, enhancing developer productivity and enabling faster delivery of valuable solutions.

Financial Management

ServiceNow Financial Management application helps you to designate, trace, and record your investments across the organization. You can try different budget models for various use cases and employ the one that best suits your requirements.

Application Portfolio Management

ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management delivers a holistic understanding of the applications used in your business so you can identify any spillovers or unnecessary investments and decrease costs.

Resource Management

ServiceNow Resource Management application modernizes the way your associates raise resource requests and create resource plans, and your HR function analyzes resource availability and utilization.

Test Management

ServiceNow Test Management application streamlines the testing process and enables you to deliver software products and services more efficiently while minimizing errors.

Investment Funding

ServiceNow Investment Funding application helps you to manage and maintain investments by allocating funds to various entities such as Business Units, Products, and Teams.

Benefits of Implementing ServiceNow SPM

ServiceNow SPM takes a different approach from traditional project management or program management solutions. It’s not just about how individual projects or initiatives are managed; it’s about aligning these efforts with your business strategy. This approach empowers decision-makers to plan, deliver, and track value across various methodologies and structures, ensuring that every action contributes to your organization’s goals.

Enhanced Efficiency

ServiceNow SPM simplifies project vetting, helping you identify profitable investments while avoiding the waste of resources on less promising initiatives. Streamlining your investment approach enhances business efficiency.

Integrated Approach

ServiceNow SPM brings various disciplines together, connecting related activities seamlessly. This cohesive approach ensures that all efforts align with your strategic goals.

Accelerated Agility

Agility is key in modern business. ServiceNow SPM empowers your organization to swiftly adapt to new strategies, fostering competitiveness and innovation.

Holistic Focus

ServiceNow SPM provides a complete view of your resources, maintaining focus on long-term strategy and vital objectives. Operate distraction-free, aligning every process and team with your company’s goals.

Getting Started with SPM

At KANINI, you gain access to a team of experts who understand the intricacies of ServiceNow SPM inside out. As a ServiceNow Premier Partner, our expertise goes beyond the technical aspects of ServiceNow SPM. We understand that true success lies in aligning your technology with your business goals. We help you roadmap your strategy, ensuring that every investment serves a purpose and drives your organization toward its goals.
Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with implementation. As a ServiceNow MSP, we provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your SPM solution remains in peak condition. We are always ready to adapt to changing circumstances, keeping your SPM strategy agile and effective.

The Way Forward

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Value we Deliver

Some Challenges We Solve

Some Challenges
We Solve

Benefits You Gain

Disjoined business priorities with rapidly changing market demands

Increased business value and reduced costs with performance governance

Higher costs associated with building and managing IT infrastructure in house

Improved decision making and alignment of IT with business goals

Lack of awareness about the value of IT among your business associates

Better visibility into investments to efficiently manage costs and adapt to change

Low return on investments and factors that decrease your business value

Obtain a comprehensive view of project status/work details and take corrective actions

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