How to Choose the Right ServiceNow Partner for Your Business – 3 Key Considerations

ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that enables organizations to overcome their day-to-day business challenges by transforming operations. Enterprises worldwide are using ServiceNow for its efficiency in connecting people, processes, and technology to deliver better customer experiences. However, in the process of adopting ServiceNow, a challenge that comes to light is that organizations are often not fully equipped to leverage the ServiceNow platform due to the limited expertise of their in-house teams. What also seems to be missing is a robust ServiceNow implementation and management strategy, resulting in broken workflows and dissatisfied stakeholders.
To bridge such expertise gaps, forward-thinking organizations are increasingly collaborating with ServiceNow-certified partners who bring on board years of ServiceNow experience and in-depth solution knowledge. Their expertise in seamlessly implementing ServiceNow solutions, providing ServiceNow consulting services, and managing the platform is enabling businesses to achieve their desired outcomes more easily.

There are a plethora of ServiceNow partners in the IT industry, offering their deep technical know-how of ServiceNow solutions to empower enterprises to make the most of the ServiceNow platform. This is where a pivotal question emerges: How does an organization choose the right ServiceNow partner that truly understands its business model and can maximize the return on its ServiceNow investment? This article provides the definitive answer.

Selecting the Best ServiceNow Partner – What to Look For?

There are certain factors organizations must consider while choosing their ServiceNow partner. These include:
1. ServiceNow Partner’s Level of Knowledge & Expertise
The foremost consideration is your ServiceNow partner’s comprehensive understanding of ServiceNow’s diverse product offerings, spanning IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, Strategic Portfolio Management (Previously called ITBM or IT Business Management), Enterprise Asset Management, Customer Service Management, Enterprise Service Management, Security Operations, and Governance, Risk, & Compliance. Assessing the ServiceNow-related content published by these partner organizations on their website can help determine their core capabilities.
Further, the size of the ServiceNow team within the partner organization is crucial in gathering an understanding of whether they possess expertise in specific areas of the ServiceNow platform or a broader spectrum of elements within the cloud-based solution.
Besides, confirming that the ServiceNow partner holds the required certifications and accreditations serves as tangible evidence of their knowledge and expertise in the field.
2. ServiceNow Partner’s Execution Capability & Experience
The next important assessment lies in the ServiceNow partner’s proven track record of assisting clients in achieving their ServiceNow objectives.
Examining the partner organization’s portfolio of ServiceNow projects, understanding the type of services offered and solutions implemented, and delving into client testimonials and customer satisfaction scores (CSATs) can substantiate their competency claims. The ideal choice would be a partner organization that can ensure on-time and error-free project deliveries.
Even if an organization’s current intent is to implement only a subset of ServiceNow solutions now, it’s prudent to select a ServiceNow partner with extensive experience in the Now platform. This partner should excel in integrating ServiceNow solutions with diverse systems and processes to meet any future requirements.
In essence, organizations should seek a strategic partner who can serve both as a guide and an advisor throughout their ServiceNow journey.
3. ServiceNow Partner’s OCM Framework – Commitment to Project & Client Success
The third vital consideration is the ServiceNow partner’s organization change management (OCM) framework and its ability to execute it efficiently. This is crucial for ensuring the smooth and efficient implementation of ServiceNow solutions in alignment with the organization’s existing business strategies and seamless user adoption.
The partner should be adept at providing a clear roadmap of the post-implementation phase, including comprehensive training for employees/users on using the platform on adopting the new processes effectively. This enables organizations to get the maximum value from the platform and empowers employees/users to generate high-quality outcomes.
In addition to these, there are other critical considerations, such as assessing the availability of the number of skilled resources to gauge the partner’s capacity to handle projects of varying complexity and scale and their geographical presence to ascertain the regions they serve to ensure the partner can meet global or regional project requirements.

How Organizations Across Industries Can Benefit from Partnering with a ServiceNow Partner

ServiceNow Partners enable organizations across industries to streamline workflows and increase operational efficiency by leveraging ServiceNow’s industry-specific solutions. They design, customize, and implement ServiceNow solutions keeping in mind the specific needs and challenges of organizations in each industry segment. Here’s how competent ServiceNow partners can add value to the following industries through their tailored ServiceNow offerings:
1. Healthcare
Managing staff shortages, handling large volumes of patient data, monitoring healthcare systems, and complying with stringent regulatory standards such as HIPPA can overwhelm organizations in the absence of modern solutions. ServiceNow partners offer healthcare-centric technology solutions that help healthcare organizations streamline these processes and overcome the associated challenges. For instance, a ServiceNow partner can implement the ServiceNow EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Help application to empower clinicians to simplify the process of raising EMR-related IT service requests and improve patient experience.
Customer Success Story
As a ServiceNow Premier Partner, KANINI has handled various ServiceNow projects in the healthcare space. One such project included implementing a cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) on the NOW platform for a non-profit organ and tissue procurement organization to streamline its quality management operations. Click here to read the full story.
2. Banking and Financial Services (BFS)
The current banking environment is complex, filled with operational challenges arising from information security risks, disparate legacy systems, and manual processes. ServiceNow partners play a pivotal role in aiding BFS companies in overcoming these challenges. They achieve this by unifying the front, middle, and back-office operations on a single platform through the implementation of ServiceNow’s Banking and Financial Services solutions, such as the Financial Services Operations application.
Customer Success Story
A financial services and audit company sought KANINI’s ServiceNow expertise to overcome the challenges of mapping its business services with IT infrastructure and storing the service maps in its Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Our experts implemented ServiceNow Service Mapping to help the company overcome this challenge and transform its IT operations management. Want to learn more about the success story? Click here.
3. Manufacturing
In the manufacturing sector, effectively managing supply chain disruptions, maintaining supplier relationships, and monitoring asset performance is challenging and directly impacts business scalability, especially in the absence of a proper solution to streamline these operational processes. By implementing ServiceNow’s smart manufacturing solutions, ServiceNow partners can help manufacturing companies boost worker productivity, meet and exceed customer expectations, improve supply chain efficiency, and redefine their operations.
Customer Success Story
KANINI has closely worked with some of the leading manufacturing organizations in the USA, Asia Pacific, and other regions, helping them overcome their operational challenges through the effective implementation of the appropriate ServiceNow solutions. From semiconductor manufacturing organizations to automotive manufacturers, our experts have empowered a wide range of manufacturing companies through the successful implementation of the following ServiceNow solutions:
In addition to healthcare, BFS, and manufacturing, ServiceNow partners cater to a diverse range of industries, including Energy and Utilities, Government, Logistics, Retail, Telecommunications, Media, and Technology, and many more.
Evaluating the ServiceNow partner’s industry-wide expertise is vital for organizations to make the right decision. Ultimately, regardless of which ServiceNow partner an organization chooses to partner with, making sure that both the organizations’ mindsets are in sync is vital for achieving ServiceNow success.
Where Can You Find the Right ServiceNow Partner for Your Business?

To help organizations find their ideal ServiceNow partner and get started on their digital transformation journeys, ServiceNow offers a dedicated webpage with a list of all its partners. Click here to choose the ServiceNow Partner organization that best fits your business model. KANINI is a ServiceNow Premier Partner and a trusted MSP, helping organizations optimize costs and maximize revenues. Reach out to us to learn more about our ServiceNow consulting, advisory, and implementation services.

Getting Started with an Experienced ServiceNow Partner

Whether an organization is planning to adopt ServiceNow or is already an existing user, collaborating with a ServiceNow partner is certainly rewarding. It helps in navigating the common roadblocks of ServiceNow implementation and ensures continued upgradation and management support to achieve the desired outcomes.
Is your organization looking to collaborate with a ServiceNow partner driven by purpose and guided by thought leadership? KANINI can help. With our wealth of experience as a strategic and trusted ServiceNow partner to Fortune 500 companies, we are poised to maximize your return on investment (ROI) in ServiceNow. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Joshua Smith

Joshua is the ServiceNow Practice Director at KANINI. He is a process improvement thought leader and digital transformation expert. Over the past 15 years, Josh’s focus has always been on achieving organizational maturity and enhancing business processes through implementing tools and workflows to drive transformation initiatives. With experience in multiple verticals from – manufacturing to healthcare, Joshua brings a practitioner’s perspective when working on business solutions and goals to allow him to advise and guide on industry and process best practices.

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