Case Study

Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS)

A non-profit healthcare services provider implements EQMS built on ServiceNow Platform for continuous quality monitoring & management

A leading healthcare organization streamlines its quality management process with EQMS–a cloud-based quality monitoring and management application built on the Now Platform.
Industry & Region: Healthcare, USA
Technology Stack: Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) & ServiceNow Cloud Platform
Client Overview
Our client is a well-established non-profit organ and tissue procurement organization. They are determined to ensure successful organ and tissue donation, thereby giving hope for a new life to as many people as possible.
Business Challenge
The client was using an in-house custom application for their quality management operations–tracking and managing donation processes. Their existing application was not fulfilling the quality management requirements and hence managing their organ procurement and donation process became challenging. To overcome this problem, the client wanted a solution that would integrate well with their systems and contribute efficiently to their operations of saving and enhancing people’s lives with organ and tissue transplants.
To bridge this gap, the client purchased the cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) solution, built on the Now platform, from the ServiceNow store. However, they lacked the ServiceNow Cloud Platform expertise to implement the solution and were looking for an experienced ServiceNow implementation partner.
Solution Offered
We at KANINI initially conducted multiple demos of the implementation to the client which helped them understand our capabilities and expertise. Our ServiceNow team consisting of architects and developers kickstarted the process by migrating the quality management data from the client’s existing custom tool to EQMS.
Following that, we migrated the records of Quality Performance Indicator (QPI) tickets from the client’s existing ServiceNow platform to the deviation module (a feature that allows tracking and managing process deviations) in the EQMS. This enabled the client to store all their quality-related records in one place within the EQMS.
Subsequently, we developed the front-facing portal pages, created form templates for the deviation module, and set up notification rules & UI actions on the ServiceNow Cloud Platform.
With the successful implementation of EQMS, the client can now track, manage, and control the quality processes of their organ and tissue procurement and donation operations effectively, while ensuring strict compliance with regulations such as FDA, EMA, ISO, and more.
Value Delivered
  • A robust system for continuous quality monitoring & management process.
  • Easy compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Superior donor and recipient experience.

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