ServiceNow Washington DC Release – Explore the Latest Features in the Developer-centric Applications

The ServiceNow Washington DC release has brought in a set of new features to the developer-focused tools to enhance the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform for efficient software development. These enhancements not only provide ServiceNow developers with a productive development environment but also improve platform security. Also, ServiceNow has ensured that the updates align well with the broader industry trends.
This blog post explores the new features added to some of the development-related applications in the ServiceNow Washington release.

What’s New in the ServiceNow Washington DC Release for Developers

From advanced drag-and-drop features to improved security protocols, the ServiceNow Washington release brings a plethora of new features aimed at improving the developer experience. Following are some of the applications with new and enhanced features:
1. Automation Engine
Applications such as Document Intelligence, Integration Hub, Robotic Process Automation, and Automation Center, which are part of the Automation Engine boast some groundbreaking features. Here’s how a couple of these applications have been updated.
• Document Intelligence
ServiceNow Document Intelligence, which allows developers to quickly extract information from documents, now includes a “Draw Mode” feature to simplify the extraction of data from tables. The User Interface has also undergone significant modifications to make it easy for developers to utilize the table extraction features. Furthermore, the application seamlessly integrates with the Automation Center, allowing users to leverage Document Intelligence in their Automation workflow.
• Integration Hub
ServiceNow Integration Hub now lets developers leverage Stream Connect Message Replication instead of third-party replicators to replicate data between their local Apache Kafka environments and ServiceNow instances. Additionally, the Spoke Generator boasts new features that automatically populate the base URL and provide spoke recommendations based on the name created while building a spoke. Furthermore, code signing comes with multi-layer caller inspection, enhancing security measures.
• Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Hub
Notable features have been added to the ServiceNow RPA Hub to enable better management of ServiceNow bots. The Embedded Task Automation feature allows developers to power up their attended bot processes directly from ServiceNow playbooks, forms, and workspaces. Strengthened RPA Hub also made secure retrieval of sensitive data from external repositories and storage of process execution logs in a readable format possible.
2. Flow Designer
Second on the list is ServiceNow Flow Designer, which automates repetitive tasks and enables the creation of multi-step flows. A Generative AI feature is introduced to simplify the creation of multi-step flow outlines. The ServiceNow Washington DC release has also brought in automatic saving of flows during editing, improved undo/redo functionality, and the ability to open Flow Designer from Workflow Studio. Additionally, the UI comes with significant improvements to ensure better flow management and enhanced user experience.
3. UI Builder
The Washington DC release adds new features to the ServiceNow UI Builder to streamline the creation of better user interfaces. Features include improved data binding and formula authoring to simplify the process of connecting UI components with data sources. Column layouts have been enhanced to enable efficient reordering and editing of layouts, and Form Builder has been integrated with UI Builder to further streamline the development process.
4. Automated Test Framework
To empower users to transform the testing of their ServiceNow instances, the ServiceNow Washington DC release brings new features to the Automated Test Framework. Performance Profiling to analyze instance performance and fix issues and Configurable Workspace Support for wider test coverage are a few of the updates rolled out to improve automated testing, reducing the development and upgrade time.
5. App Engine Studio
When it comes to streamlining the application development process, the ServiceNow App Engine Studio (AES) steals the show. Several enhancements have been introduced to the App Engine Studio (AES) in the ServiceNow Washington DC release. The new modal feature in AES Workspace Builder allows users to quickly add missing roles and Access Control List (ACL). Furthermore, the enhanced UI elements empower developers to efficiently build applications tailored to organizational needs.

Wrapping Up

Improving developer productivity has always been ServiceNow’s main objective, and the updates made in the ServiceNow Washington DC release underscore this commitment. From developing applications and automating workflows to testing the applications, ServiceNow has brought in enhancements that transform processes across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
By following the right approach and implementing best practices, enterprises can efficiently upgrade their ServiceNow platform. In the absence of an expert, upgrading your existing ServiceNow platform to the newer version would be quite challenging. Hence, it is advisable to collaborate with a ServiceNow partner with proven expertise in ServiceNow consulting, advisory, and implementation.
KANINI is a ServiceNow Premier Partner, and we have helped many renowned enterprises upgrade their ServiceNow platform to the latest release and align the solutions with their organizational objectives. Get in touch with us for more information.

Jeeva Xavier
Jeeva is a ServiceNow Technical Architect at KANINI. With 13+ years of experience in Information Technology and the ServiceNow platform, he brings in-depth expertise in designing and implementing ServiceNow solutions such as ITSM, CSM, HRSD, FSM, and more. Jeeva specializes in ensuring smooth ServiceNow upgrades and migration.
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