Case Study

Automating Performance Monitoring

A Global Auto Manufacturer Improved Operational Efficiency by Streamlining their Performance Monitoring Process with Automation, Dashboards, and Intuitive UI.

A leading automobile manufacturer streamlined their complex performance monitoring process by centralizing and automating it, reducing time, eliminating errors, and enhancing efficiency.

Industry & Region: Automobile Manufacturing, USA

Technology Stack:
Programming Languages: C#, ASP.NET Core, Python, HTML, CSS, Tableau Stack (for Data Manipulation): Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Server, JavaScript library for UI: React , UI Components: Mantine Components, RDBMS: Amazon Aurora
Client Overview
Our client is a leading global automobile manufacturer based in the US, with a massive global presence. They are well-known for providing unique and innovative automotive products and services that deliver superior measurable value to customers and other stakeholders alike.
Business Challenge

As per the client’s corporate strategies, they had a manual system in place for measuring the progress of all their business units to understand their performance and track any deviations from set operational objectives. The top management used this mechanism to gauge the overall performance of the organization, and that of each business unit separately. This complex performance monitoring process involved manually creating and collating complicated spreadsheets, calculating metrics, monitoring achievement, and maintaining control charts. 

Moreover, they had a single shared spreadsheet for the entire organization, which not only made management a challenge but also posed the imminent risk of losing critical data. The needed manual effort resulted in inefficiencies and errors, besides making the entire process time-intensive. The lack of automation and a centralized system for gathering real-time insights was hindering their ability to make informed decisions.

Solution Offered
We conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s existing systems and workflows to understand the pain points and identify areas for improvement. We came up with a comprehensive solution that would centralize and automate their progress monitoring process. In addition, we proposed to build dashboards for insightful performance metrics and implement an intuitive user interface (UI) for data entry and preparation. The goal was to integrate the dashboards with the UI and expand the solution to all stakeholders. Our solution comprised of the following elements:
1. Dashboard generation
Using Tableau, we developed an automated system that generated dashboards catering to multiple levels of leadership. Data democratization was enabled, and automated summarization based on user roles was achieved. This eliminated the need for manual dashboard creation and manual value roll-up and reduced the scope of errors.
2. Intuitive UI for Data Entry
We designed and implemented an intuitive user interface that allows users to enter and prepare data in a single place. The UI was customized based on responsibilities, ensuring a seamless data entry experience.
3. Metrics Calculator and Achievement Monitor
We introduced automation for calculation metrics related to KPIs and KRIs, providing real-time insights into performance. Additionally, we generated an achievement monitoring mechanism that enables stakeholders to monitor progress and deviation from targets.
4. Automated Notifications and Control Charts
To streamline communication and ensure timely action, we set up automated email notifications at the start of each month and before deadlines. Control charts were also automated, which provided visual representations of key metrics, vital for performance monitoring.
Value Delivered
  • Accelerated performance monitoring process significantly.
  • Improved overall operational efficiency with workflow automation.
  • Reduced errors and enhanced accuracy by eliminating manual processes.
  • Enabled seamless data flow across systems and applications.
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Automating Performance Monitoring