Case Study

ServiceNow Cloud Discovery

A leading technology-based intellectual property translation services provider built a centralized platform for easy management of AWS accounts and resources.

A global provider of technology-based intellectual property translation services streamlines the management of their AWS accounts and resources on a centralized platform with ServiceNow Cloud Discovery.
Industry & Region: Translation Services, USA
Technology Stack: ServiceNow Cloud Discovery, CMDB, ServiceNow Service Mapping, Cloud Computing Platform: AWS, Web Service: EC2, Managed Database Service: RDS, Object Storage: S3, Serverless Computing Platform: Lambda, Virtual Network: VPCs, Containers
Client Overview
Our client is a top-ranked global provider of intellectual property translation services focused on creating a connected world by eliminating language barriers. They make sure their clients’ content is globally understandable.
Business Challenge
Our client uses various AWS accounts and cloud resources such as EC2 instances, RDS, S3, Lambda, VPCs, and Containers across three AWS regions (Europe, North America, and APAC (Asia Pacific)) to carry out their business operations. Therefore, efficiently monitoring and managing these resources was essential.
However, the lack of a modern solution made the discovery and management of these accounts and resources a hassle. The client wanted an intuitive solution to bridge this gap and the right IT partner who can help them with the smooth implementation of the solution.
Solution Offered
As the first step, our solution experts conducted a “Requirements Gathering Workshop” by inviting all stakeholders of the client to understand their requirements and expectations comprehensively. We understood our client’s problem and decided that “ServiceNow Cloud Discovery” would be the right solution. The client was also satisfied with the proposed solution. We then documented the project requirements, the issues with the client’s existing systems, and other necessary information to bring all those involved in the implementation process onto the same page.
After gathering and modeling the requirements, we kickstarted the project first in the non-production environment. We installed MID servers and configured the client’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to ensure seamless data transfer and storage. We then created schedules to discover the AWS cloud assets and implemented ServiceNow Service Mapping for proper mapping of services with the cloud assets. Subsequently, we did API integrations to bring in the pricing details of the cloud assets to the ServiceNow platform. Once this was done, we built the required dashboards and reports.
Following the system configurations, our experts did functional testing and manual code review to identify and fix bugs in the non-production environment before deploying the solution to the production environment. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) was also conducted and users’ feedback about the solution was incorporated by our experts.
After the testing phase, we created technical documentation and training materials containing information about ServiceNow cloud discovery and its functionalities, thereby enabling seamless user adoption. We deployed the solution to the production environment and gave the client access to our post-production support. With that, we achieved the successful implementation of ServiceNow cloud asset discovery for our client.
Value Delivered
  • Set up a centralized platform for easy management of AWS accounts and resources.
  • Brought in comprehensive visibility into various accounts and the assets.
  • Increased operational efficiency and easy trackability of the assets across geographical regions.

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