Case Study

Automating IT Procurement Request & Approval Process

A global professional services network transforms its procurement function with an automated ITPR portal, cutting manual complexities

A global audit and advisory services organization overhauls its procurement processes by digitizing workflows and automating tasks to accelerate service delivery.
Industry & Region: Audit, Global

Technology Stack
UX: Adobe Express UI: MVC/jQuery Database: SQL Server  Runtime: ASP.NET

Client Overview
Our client is a prominent multinational professional services network, with establishments in 145+ countries. The organization offers financial audit, tax, and advisory services, further categorized into various other service groups.
Business Challenge
The client faced a significant challenge in managing IT procurement requests and approvals, relying on a manual and email-based system. The absence of a structured system led to complexities in the IT procurement process. Purchase requisitions were initiated through emails, traversing various levels of approvals involving key stakeholders such as the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Budget Controllers, Finance Partners, and Managing Partners. The lack of a centralized system made the entire process rigid and cumbersome.
The client identified the need for a streamlined solution to capture and manage IT procurement requests efficiently, seeking an automated and predefined workflow to enhance the overall procurement process.
Solution Offered
KANINI’s team conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s existing challenges and devised a comprehensive solution named the ‘ITPR Portal’ integrated into their existing enterprise system. The portal allowed users to submit procurement requests, and the system facilitated automated approvals through predefined workflows.
Key features of the solution included:
• Role-based Access
Users were categorized into different roles such as CCO, CTO, Budget Controller, Finance Partner, etc., each mapped to specific functions within the procurement workflow.
• Workflow Management
Workflows were defined based on functions, cost centers, and budgetary allocations. The system seamlessly routed procurement requests through the appropriate approval stages based on these predefined criteria.
• Communication Mechanism
The system incorporated an efficient communication mechanism, sending instant and reminder emails to approvers at each stage of the approval process. Notifications are also sent to the Procurement and Finance teams at the final approval stage.
• Error Handling
In cases where a request was returned to the previous stage due to queries, the system triggers email notifications accordingly.
Value Delivered
  • Digitized manual workflows in the procurement function.
  • Eliminated process redundancies with automation.
  • Accelerated service delivery by streamlining the procurement processes.

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Automating IT Procurement Request & Approval Process