Case Study

Automated IT Procurement Workflow

A global professional services giant streamlined its IT procurement process, bringing enhanced efficiency, transparency, and compliance to their operations.

A multi-national professional services network automated their IT procurement process from request creation to approvals, along with improving their reporting capabilities.
Industry Stack: Financial Services and Audit Advisory, APAC

Tech Stack & Techniques:
Frontend: JQuery, Kendo, JScript, HTML, CSS Backend: SQL Server

Client Overview
Our client is a renowned professional services network with an immense global presence, offering Financial Services and Audit Advisory.

Business Challenge

The client encountered several pressing issues related to their IT procurement process, which prompted them to seek a comprehensive solution. The key challenges faced by them included:
1. Manual IT Procurement Request Creation:
The existing IT procurement process was highly manual, involving extensive paperwork and manual data entry, which was prone to errors and inefficiencies. The client also needed the functionality of providing allocated budget details for each request in request creation along with a provision to create non-budgeted requests.
2. Manual Approval Process:
The approval process for IT procurement requests was also manual, causing delays in processing and approvals.
3. Lack of Visibility:
They lacked visibility into the various stages of the IT procurement workflow. They had no clear insights into who the manual approvers were, leading to a lack of accountability and transparency.
4. Report Generation and Audit Trail:
The client was also looking to build the capability to generate comprehensive reports on IT procurement requests and capture a proper audit trail of the entire workflow, making compliance and auditing a challenge.

To address these challenges and streamline its IT procurement process, the company sought a solution that would automate IT procurement request creation, establish a seamless approval workflow, and enhance visibility and reporting.

Solution Offered
After conducting a thorough study of the client’s problems, our technology experts came up with a tailored solution that consisted of the following components:
1. Automated IT Procurement Request Creation:
We designed and implemented an automated system to create IT procurement requests. This system allowed for request creation — with the details for both with and without a pre-defined budget, accommodating a wide range of procurement scenarios.
2. Workflow Management Engine:
A sophisticated workflow management engine was integrated to drive the approval workflow for IT procurement requests. This engine ensured that requests progressed through the appropriate approval levels efficiently and smoothly.
3. Email Notification and Reminder System
We implemented an email notification system that alerted every approver at each stage of the approval process. Additionally, reminder emails were sent to ensure timely action on pending approvals.
4. Admin-maintained Settings and Configurations:
To provide flexibility and adaptability to the client, the system allows administrators to configure and maintain settings related to supporting documents, budget details, IT procurement mapping, and more.
5. Seamless Integration
The IT Procurement module was seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing Enterprise Platform (EP), ensuring a cohesive user experience and leveraging the technology stack already in place.
Value Delivered
  • Established an efficient IT procurement workflow and streamlined the entire process
  • Automated request creation process and simplified it based on budget allocation
  • Established efficient workflows with a workflow management engine
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Enabled audit trail capture
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Automated IT Procurement Workflow